A Poem by Surbhi Dave

You’ll watch me as I go , But it’s my way for things to let go.
Sitting with you and staring out of window with a smile , I carried out that incident with me far and for mile.
Things are changed now the way i use to imagine , But still you tried to examine .
You can never know me -how much ever deep you try to dive in my soul, Getting you back in my walks of life is now my goal.
You always lied in your talk , But this heart never stopped to stalk.
A deep connection with you , But mess with me and I’ll kill you.
Till the extent a respect and feelings lie deep inside,  Your memories soon will go for suicide ; You are basically confused personality to decide .
Who wants to stand out to be superior of all , But your darling EGO makes you fall.
Agressive and negative vibes filled deep in your brain, But of no use -as its all in vain .
Respect a woman if you want her to stand with you, Either you can be best for her or her favourite enemy as you always knew.


Surbhi Dave
Dahanukar College, Vile Parle

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