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Here’s to five things which college students love most and some contemporaries they want colleges to impart

-Meherzin Balsara

Once an educationist had mentioned a profound statement to a group of learners that the ‘voice of students is the voice of God’, a metaphor describing the magnitude at which college teachers are willing to pay heed to a students’ say, be it a grievance or a suggestion. In a college setting, students are exposed to a variety of circumstances and people. To get themselves expressed is taxing at times because they run through cut throat competition, high expectations from parents, peer pressure, authority giving a deaf year to a certain problem; that’s when their ‘right to be heard’ goes for a real toss.

The guts of a student screams from the inside hunting for a platform to speak his heart out, where no person would judge or denounce him and where he could put his creativity at its best. Having a neutral mind is most difficult to achieve no matter how spiritually led or logically sane a person may claim to be. Human tendency always leads us to jump to quick conclusions. So, here was an opportunity where we could get stuff out from students, of what they enjoy on campus and what changes they would recommend.

Saturdays off!
What I really love about college life is obviously my friends, chilling around with them and having fun. Another thing that I really enjoy is those small class outings even if it is mostly to the museum but it still was a lot of fun and was a whole new experience with classmates. College is also another whole new world after school. It’s really a swag life kinda thing but also very serious with attendance and studies.
Something that I really need my college or (all colleges) to do is to openly declare Saturdays as an official off. I just cannot stand the fact of going to college on a weekend, like I am seriously jealous of school kids and even working class people who do get a Saturday off. Plus if you are a Christian then you have to go to church on Sundays (church is cool though) but someone please make Saturdays an official holiday!” – Ginelle Louis, St. Andrews College.

Beat the heat
Hanging around is one of my favorite memories of college. Making sudden plans during our leisure time was exciting. What I would enjoy in colleges are open corridors, a spacious campus that will enable us to have enough room and most importantly air conditions! Classrooms without AC’s are like cars without doors. I feel it is necessary to have AC’s in all classrooms during the summers and especially in a city like Mumbai that is scorching under the sun. –Avani Pawaskar, Dhanukar College

Equivalence scale
College is a place where knowledge is imparted and there is personal development of every individual. During college days the best time was behind the canteen where there were discussions, heated arguments, philosophical and mindless conversations, all ranging from politics to cartoons and to sci-fi. We just spoke about it all. Those quick romances and those bitter breakups, we just lived it all. That crying and blissful laughter we experienced it all.

Colleges should not only be academically inclined but should also be open to cultural, social, personality and intellectual developments. Sports and Inter-collegiate events should be at par with academics. Teaching should be fun and not full of boredom. Lectures should be interesting to sit for rather than bunking because you know it is going to be sleepy. – Jaikrishna Singh, Tolani College

The bonding agent
They say that college life is one of the fondest memories you carry in your lifetime. College life has taught more life lesson than education. The most memorable experience for me in college was playing the drums for our college band. In spite of being an amateur and in spite of the fact that I am a girl, being the first one to initiate this legacy was remarkable. No one belittled me for it and that’s what I’ll cherish always.

For me, the bonding between seniors and juniors in an institution is of utmost relevance because juniors look up to their seniors to learn from, they should be more open to talk with which promotes and creates a perfect ambience to grow and nurture with. –Deborah Pereira, Andrews College

Pro-active approach
My life was not less than a joy ride in college. With a bunch of friends jostling around, we were like the notorious horde of students. There are many experiences that can’t be put to words but for a while college was life and life was all about college.
Initially I felt all things are good and perfect in its way, there should be no change. But colleges all over have a rigid curriculum which I feel should be relaxed and made more students prone. Knowledge given is vast, sure, but not many are benefitted. Exams have become a routine. This should be looked into. –Ian Gonsalves, Tolani College

With a lot more students with a lot more to talk about, it can just be duly hoped that mutual love and understanding in these bodies of knowledge that shape young newbies will never out run and continue enlightening people and paving a way to listen to students’ voice!

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