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Michelle Riberio lists down some tips that will come handy this monsoon in taking care of your tresses


Many people think that summer is the season that causes much hair damage, but the rainy season too brings a lot of problems like excessive moisture, bacteria and dandruff, which can cause some serious damage to your hair. And mind you, if you don’t take good care of your hair amidst rains,they might end up being brittle, rough and dry.Michelle Ribeiro, a well-known hair expert from Bombay who has served the likes of Ameesha Patel and ManyataDutt, tells how you can take care of your tresses this monsoon

Problems that pop- up

Fizzy hair
Fizzy hair is one of the most common hair problems and it bothers almost everyone. Your hair seems rough and dull all the time. Even if you have dressed well for a party, fizzy hair will probably spoil the look. So,to get rid of the fizzy hair use oil, it will settle down fizz. One of best combination suggested by the Michelle, to get rid of fizzy hair is; mix one portion (tea spoon) of Vitamin E oil with four portions of coco oil and apply evenly to your hair.

Breakage and hair fall
This high-on-humidity weather is the main reason behind hair fall. Hair’s chemical structure makes it unusually sensitive to airborne hydrogen, which leads breakage and hair fall.Hair becomes weak, so you need to give your hair some life. For that, use a good hair mask or conditioner, and make sure that you leave it on your hair for 10 minutes after the shampoo.

Sweat causes dandruff
The scalp is a unique environment; dark, warm, and moist. It is a good place for micro-organisms to grow as sebum and dead skin cells serve as its nutritional sources. And in this day to day life, you are always in a rush, maybe to catch a train/bus or for a meeting, as a result you sweat a lot. And this sweat when comes in contact with rain water, creates the best environment for bacteria to grow, which ultimately leads to dandruff. Your scalp becomes dirty, sticky, greasy and oily, so the best would be to use a good cleansing shampoo.

Use an umbrella/ rain coat or at least a scarf
People don’tunderstand the fact that excessive moisture is not good for hair. Also, the rain water these days is not that good because of the pollution, and excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So, don’t just always bounce on to an extravagant adventure, it’s okay to get drenched in rains once a while, but not always. Don’t just walk out in the rains like this, use an umbrella/ rain coat and if you can’t, then at least cover your hair using a scarf or a cap to protect your hair. Also make sure that you rinse your hair nicely once you are home.

Comb less and tie your hair; don’t be too fancy
In order to look good, you don’t need to keep your hair open always. You can tie your hair and still look gorgeous. Protect your hair as to there are so many activities that you do throughout the day, which might end up damaging your hair. Also don’t be a comb baby! It’s more than enough if you brush your hair once in the day. While doing so, be gentle to your hair start from the edges and then move to the roots as the edges become brittle in the monsoon. Never comb your hair when they are wet and use paddle brush to take off knots without breaking your hair.

Cut down on caffeine and drink more water
Excessive consumption of caffeine dehydrates your hair, if you want your hair to look bouncy, shiny and healthy then cut down on caffeine and drink lots and lots of water. It’snot just good for your hair but also for your skin. Specially if you have straightened or coloured your hair be very careful.Apply good mask, have lots of water and make sure that your hair are taken care off. Also if you can than avoid colouring your hair in monsoon.

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