RSS-linked Muslim clerics hail triple talaq ban

Kumar welcomes the Supreme Court ruling

A senior RSS leader on Tuesday hailed the Supreme Court decision to strike down the practice of triple talaq as liberation and empowerment of Muslim women in India — at an event attended by dozens of Muslim clerics.

“It is a revolutionary decision and has given mukti (liberation) to eight to nine crore Muslim women in India,” RSS leader Indresh Kumar said at an event organised by Muslim Rashtriya Manch, the saffron group’s Muslim wing.

As Kumar spoke against the sin of triple talaq and welcomed the Supreme Court ruling, he asked Muslim clerics to form a chain and join and raise their hands to hail and celebrate the ban.

“Are you happy with the Supreme Court decision? Won’t you celeberate it?” he asked. “Yes,” roared the clerics in chorus. Kumar, the patron of the RSS Muslim wing, said the apex court decision had “saved and freed Muslims and Islam from the contractors of extremism and fundamentalism”.

“It will put an end to atrocities that were committed on Muslim women in the name of triple talaq. The practice is disliked by Allah and hence a sin. The decision has done justice to the Muslim women.

“It has also shut up extremists and fundamentalists who had wrongly interpreted Quran and sayings of Prophet. I won’t say it is a slap on their face but I will definitely say Muslims have understood now that some leaders were turning them away from Quran by wrong interpretation and provoking them to fight,” Kumar said.

He said August 22 should be celebrated as women empowerment day. He asked the Supreme Court and the government to now think about the welfare of triple talaq victims and their children.

“The number of such women and their children will run into lakhs and crores.”

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