Wednesday , 25 November 2020

Loan Wavier gets more complicated

Officials are claiming that complete full proof system is raised for the scheme

Maharashtra government finally gave certificates of Rs 1.5 Lakh to the farmers a day ahead of Diwali, but if the farmers, who have outstanding of more than 1.5 lakh, are unable to do a settlement with remaining amount by March 2018, the money, which is being credited to their accounts, will be lapsed. There are seven lakh farmers who have more than Rs 1.5 lakh’s outstanding in the state.

A senior officer, requesting annonimity, said that the money will not be disbursed to bank accounts of farmers unless they pay remaining outstanding.

It means that if the farmers are unable to pay the outstanding due within the stipulated time, the money, earmarked for them, will be elapsed. In such situation, the farmers will be left in limbo.

Reacting on it, senior Congress leader and former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan told Absolute India, “The Maharastra government had played a political farce just before the festival of light. They have made it into a managed event show. They have made farmers to beg for loan wavier and they have now put such strict conditionalities that very few farmers will benefit. The Govt announced the loan waiver with big fan fare and ad campaign and record amount of Rs 34 000 crore was announced as the loan waiver but when it come to disbursement, very small amount will go to the farmers.”

In this first stage, almost 8.4 lakh farmers will get the benefits of the scheme. Of those 4.5 lakh farmers are defaulter and almost Rs 3200 Cr will be given as loan waiver in this stage. Besides, the state will give incentive Rs 800 crore to such farmers who are paying regularly their loans.
The government has opened the account of each beneficiary farmer and only that person will get the benefits of the scheme. Officials are claiming that complete full proof system is raised for the scheme.

Less of loan waiver, more of cheating

Even though the State begun implementation of the farm loan waiver scheme, farmer’s leaders claim it to be cheating.“Talks with our representatives in June 2017, the government has assured loan waiver for all. But now it is going with very few, not even its declared number of 89 lakh farmers,” says farmer representative. Farmer’s core committee, which was leading the agitation of farmers’ have reacted strongly. Dr Ajit Navale, convenor of farmer’s core committee said, “Our demand of inclusion of all farmers is not accepted. Not just that, actual number of beneficiary farmers will be low because of government’s criteria. We will meet very soon and work out on next strategy.”

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