The art and science of celebration

Every culture, nation and tradition has developed its own unique ways of honouring special occasions. Their customs and traditions are a direct product of their cultural background, history, religious beliefs and even the geography of the region they live in.

Sunita Patel

absIf you take a closer look, you’ll see that there is a common thread of themes that connects each and every one of them. All of these occasions centre on universal human experiences such as love, sadness, joy, reverence, success and sacrifice.

No matter which country you visit, you will notice that we all rejoice in the same things, such as a happy relationships, the birth of a child, professional or personal or religious victories and other milestones.

There are deep underlying needs that drive us to engage in celebrations.

What does celebration do to humans?
*Community sense:
It’s the time to bond with family and friends and get a chance to connect with those we love and care about on a deeper and more profound level.
*Excitement factor:
Celebrations bring excitement and fun in the midst of our mundane lives. The joy of eating, singing, dancing, lights and laughter kindles the child in us.
*Unity: National and cultural celebration helps to built a sense of unity, belonging, identity and pride.
*Preparations and gratitude
Be it graduation, engagement, marriage, baby shower, naming ceremony, house warming, new venture all these personal celebrations prepares us in giving meaning to life and instil a sense of reverence and gratitude
*Memory bank of happy moments:
The experience of good time, photos, videos and other memorabilia are our reservoirs to tap in times when we are not feeling so great. Remembering them can bring a smile back.

Neuroscience explains the positive impacts of celebration.
*Celebration elevates the level of such “feel good” chemicals as oxytocin and the endorphins in our body. Their release into our system gives us a sense of well-being,
*Serotonin that is boosted by cheering and celebration which is known for busting laziness, increase enthusiasm.
*Researchers found that by having positive conversations during celebration time you trigger the release the neurotransmitter dopamine which plays a major role in reward-motivated behaviour. It’s like once you tasted ice cream and enjoyed the experience you want to reward yourself with similar experiences again and again.

It is said man is a social animal, it needs society and involvement with society in constructive way plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health and what a better opportunity than celebration.

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