Inaccurate data led to fiasco in loan waiver scheme

Despite of handing over certificates of loan waiver to farmers seven days ago, the farmers will have wait few days to get their loan write off from the 7/12 extracts. The delay is caused due to inaccurate data provided by the banks, including nationalized, private and district cooperative banks.The Information Technology (IT) department tried to match the data provided by banks with their own and found that over 50 per cent of farmers’ Aadhar card data was near identical. The IT department informed the same in the cabinet subcommittee meeting, upon which,chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has called the meeting with officers of State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) on Wednesday in Mantralay.

An official, who attended the cabinet sub committee meeting, said that Chief Minister was also surprised to know that out of 8.40 lakh farmers,only 3 lakh farmers’s data was found appropriate and eligible for the loan waiver scheme.
The IT department had kept 8.40 lakh farmers in Green zone with the clear validation and verification. However, during the long holiday in Diwali, the department compared the data collected through online applications with the data provided by the banks and they were shocked to know that data was mismatched. Around 1.5 lakh farmers have an identical Aadhar number. Besides, many of the farmers are found to have similar bank accounts.

“Apart from these discrepancy, the software also found that the farmers, who have been regularly paying the loans, are shown in the categories of outstanding. This striked us and we stopped from going ahead with these data for disbursement and prefer to report the chief minister about the same. Only three lakh are now eligible to get the benefit of the loan waiver scheme,” said a senior officer of the IT department, who wish not to be identified.
Absolute India accessed the data of the banks which had mentioned that a loan account number (11111111111) is shown before the names of two farmers. The names of the farmers are Dilip Ramachandra Kachale and Balakrishna Savale Ram Ghangali. The height of the discrepancy is that, a farmer Sangita Hanmant Chavan is
shown to have three loan banks accounts.

He also said,”Out of 8.40 lakh, 5.40 lakh farmers data have been found with the discrepancies.”
When Absolute India contacted to Vijay Kumar Gautam, Principal Secretary, IT department, he said, “The banks have given 26 lakh farmer’s data to the our department. Out of which, only 14 lakh farmers data was matched. And remaining data is incomplete and inaccurate. Hence, the online system is ineligible for the loan
waiver scheme. After reciveing correct data from the banks, the disbursement will be begun in a week time.”

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