Hard Kaur: I am proud of what I have achieved

Hard Kaur speaks about her upcoming happy party track titled, ‘Jhumka Gira’, the hip hop culture in Bollywood and her upcoming mixtape

avsThe queen of party songs and raptress Taran Kaur Dhillon, popularly known as Hard Kaur, is back to make you groove. This time, with a happy party track titled, ‘Jhumka Gira’. In a tête-à-tête, she talks about the song, her upcoming biggest Hip hop mixtape, being an inspiration to the female rappers and more… Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about the song ‘Jhumka Gira’.
It’s a peppy dance number with a dancehall and reggae flavour. I heard a couple of beats from Delhi based producer Mixsingh and after him getting all excited over me calling him, I asked him ‘So you got good beats why haven’t I heard more from you?’ To which he replied that it’s difficult to get collaborations as the budgets are too high for features. So I decided to do it for free as I felt he has talent. We came up with a great track. I wrote this with my homie Sonny Ravan and the superb video has been shot by TeamDG.

Is the song a remix/reprise of the old popular song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’?
No, this is not a remix at all, nowhere near the original. It’s a brand new track but happens to have the three words that may make you think it could be but it’s defiantly not a remix or a remake.

There are many reprises of old songs these days. Which amongst the recent ones are your favourite?
I’m not really a fan of remakes but one of them that I really like is ‘Humma Humma’ because of the way Jubin Nautiyal sang it. He absolutely nailed it and he executed it beautifully.

You have been missing from the picture for quite some time. What were you up to?
I haven’t been missing at all. I released ‘Aise Karte Hain Party’ last year and ‘Sherni’ on my label Future Records and ‘Lehra Tiranga’ this Jan 2017. In 2015, I was spending a lot of time with my family in UK as I lost one of my 12-year-old brothers to a car accident. I’ve been working since the age of 13 and I’m only human, I need time for life too. Whether you release two songs or 20, this is one of those questions that really annoy us artists.

The hip hop culture is back with a bang and in full swing in India currently. What do you think of the music scenario today?
I think it’s amazing that the movement is blowing up by the day. I’ve been waiting all my life for this point where real Hip hop gets the attention and the respect it deserves. I’m dropping my mix tape which is going to be the biggest Hip hop Mixtape in Indian history which has over 30 artists featuring. So I’m super excited for the future of this and the upcoming artists.

From all the rappers we have in India today, who do you think is currently ruling the charts?
There are many rappers that have been releasing music; from Ikka to Pardhaan, Illa straight, Shahrule, Tony sabastian and many many more. There are many good rappers putting tracks out, but a lot this work is done independently as the labels don’t really give much support.

There have been reports about you planning to quit the industry. Is it true? If yes, why so?
(Laugh) So in a recent interview, I was asked what’s next. Just like in this interview and I replied I don’t know what the future holds. Maybe I’ll have babies or retire or become a director. Only God knows, I can only keep making good music and helping new artists. And so that becomes the headlines.

You made a breakthrough by becoming the only woman rapper in India and you have been ruling all the while. Do you think women do not have that kind of potential or still have reservations when it comes to entering the male dominated space?
I think it’s not a question of potential but more about having guts. Yes it’s a male dominated industry and the boys will make your life hell but if you got the skills and master your art, you can do this. You just have to stay standing and fight your way through this. Greatness doesn’t come easy.

How has been your journey in music so far?
It’s been what it’s been. Most parts you feel amazing and on top of the world and you have your low stages. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved and yes it’s been super tough but I’m thankful to God and my mother for always giving me the strength to keep on going. Thank you and God bless.

What next?
The Rising Mixtape in June 2017. Brace yourself there’s a storm coming!

-Milana Rao

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