Mind and Migraine

Another name for Migraine is misery and ask someone who suffers from it and they will tell you how painful and exhausting it can be. No headaches are good but Migraine is the mother of all, making you dysfunctional under the spell. Neena is a budding and aspiring theatre artist. She hails from the Northern state and has come to Mumbai to follow her dreams. Life in Mumbai has not been so easy for her, whether challenges of living in metro city, competitive and demanding field of her work, financial issues or the need to prove self, all have been part of her life. One more addition to her life is recurrent bouts of severe headaches. And Neena is not alone; the incidence of increasing number of people suffering from Migraine can be testified by any physician and the pharmacist for over the counter sale of painkillers.


Migraine symptoms:
Not everyone will have a ‘typical’ migraine. The most common symptoms of a migraine attack will have throbbing headache, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting and lethargy, but a typical or classical one can be divided into four or five stages that lead on from each other:

Warning phase– physical and mental changes such as tiredness, craving for sweets, feeling thirsty, stiff neck and mood changes may happen for few hours or full day.

Aura– Migraine aura symptoms include temporary visual or sensory disturbances that usually strike before other migraine symptoms. Visual disturbances like blind spots, zigzag lines, flashes of light and temporary sensations like feelings of numbness, tingling in one hand or in face, difficulty with speech or language and muscle weakness may occure.

The main attack– The pain of a migraine usually begins above the eyes, typically affects one side of the head, but it may happen to the entire head or move from one side to the other. It’s throbbing in nature and may get worse during physical activity or while leaning forward. Along with this other symptoms such as unusual sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells, nausea, vomiting and fainting might happen during this phase.abs

Resolution– Most attacks slowly fade away, but some stop suddenly after the sufferer is sick, or cries a lot. Sleep seems to help many sufferers, who find that even an hour or two can be enough to end an attack.

Recovery– This is the final stage of an attack, and it can take hours or days for a ‘hangover’ type feeling to disappear and one can gain back lost appetite and energy.

Cause of migraine– Although there are no fixed reasons for causing migraine, however it is seen that some people have predisposition for it and once the predisposition is fixed then triggers like, sun heat, weather change, hormonal changes, before menstruation, puberty, food irregularities, sleep deprivation and anticipation precipitate migraine.

Role of mind in migraine– Mind plays a very important role in establishing a predisposition to any ailment and especially in migraine. It is my observation and analysis after treating number of persons suffering from migraine that “disappointment” is one key emotion that results into personality traits or behaviours predisposing migraine.

Disappointment with self comes to people who have lot of expectations from self, generally perfectionist, self critical, who can’t take any mistakes done by self easily and are very harsh to themselves leading to apprehension, anticipatory anxiety, low self esteem and sadness.

Disappointment with others or outer environment leads to anger, blame, self pity, why me only feeling and grief.

All these emotions can be the background for predisposition or even an acute incidence with such emotions can be the trigger point for an attack of migraine.

The combination of right constitutional Homoeopathic remedy as Homoeopathic treatment does take into account the physical and mental makeup of a person along with counselling which helps the person to have a more pragmatic approach to life, cures the person from the suffering of migraine.

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