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-Yogendra Chaturvedi

Absolute India started its journey in November 2013 from Mumbai for generation ace targeting youth with a different concept. It mainly focused on news based on entertainment and lifestyle. It was a novel concept but in due course of time we realized the times are changing very fast with the new ideology by Mr. Narendra Modi government and we seen India is heading towards growing India in every aspect. Accordingly we also gradually shifted towards mainstream journalism which is more challenging and added more national and international interest positive news to our readers. We changed our content and even the layout of our newspaper which was publicly praised even by no other than the star of millennium MR. Amitabh Bachchan. Thank you sir for the same. We appreciate your kind gesture. In a short span of two years after Absolute India made a niche among the readers of commercial and entertainment capital of India, we launched our second edition in Bhopal (my home town) in November 2015 which was also well received by our esteemed readers. After the success of two editions, it was the time to move to the national capital of our country not only to witness India transforming into new India but to also contribute to the same in our own way. In our recent past, two revolutionary decisions have been taken by our Central Government. The announcement of demonetization on 8th November last year and second is the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in a specially called midnight session of the parliament on 30 June this year. There is no second thought that due to this historic decisions the common people had to face some difficulties but we should think about the long term benefits of the same. Even if we clean our messed up house it is not going to be cleaned in a day. It will take some time to bring things into order. So it is the same with our country which happens to be the worlds largest democracy.

As far as our publication is concerned, we are very clear in our vision. We are committed not to hide anything from you. We are also committed to bring before you an Absolute positive content of news and views of nation and international with quality content of lifestyle, fashion, Hollywood and entertainment not only to enlighten you but also to provide you healthy food for thought. We belive in positivity. Negativity is miles away from our thought process. We firmly believe that if everybody starts thinking positive then there is no power on the earth that can stop our nation to prosper further. We also believe in potential power of the youths of our beloved country. They are our future. If they are guided in a proper manner then we can be rest assured that our future is secured. We promise to bring you an absolute bouquet of news, views and entertainment everyday backed by our team of dedicated, devoted and seasoned journalists. This is just another milestone in our long journey. We have to go further and it will not be possible without your strength and support. Your feedbacks and brickbats will be our tool for improvement. We will be glad to receive them both from you.


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