How to deal with embarrassment in public

Most of us have experienced at some point of time in our life social embarrassment or embarrassment in public. It’s a peculiar awkward moment where one is suddenly and unexpectedly on a receiving end of a situation and doesn’t know how to deal with it.


Embarrassment is an uncomfortable response to some public exposure that demonstrates personal deficiency either in terms of either how someone is or what they do, like “he is such a lazy piece of shit”, “look at him growing fat like a hippo”, “she is so dumb,” “just shut up and stop your nonsense”, “You’re such a loser,” you have no dressing sense”, “do you even know how to make a presentation”? OR subject to an abusive and aggressive partner, spouse or friend in public.

Effects of Public Embarrassment
Unwanted social attention causes a degree of painful self-consciousness for being judged awkward, inadequate, or otherwise clumsy or ineffective. During such an awkward moment, time seems slow or stopped; one becomes the target of everyone’s gaze and feel anxious and embarrassed, and perhaps even experience sweaty palms and heart palpitations.

It may happen that once a person feels awkward, the chances that he’ll behave in ways that become even more awkward. The anxiety may lead him to laugh anxiously, speak in a wavering tone of voice, look uncomfortable, and blush or stammer.

The person might experience social anxiety and become withdrawn and self-conscious around the people who witness his humiliation.

Why People Humiliate?
This is a common tactic for people who are insecure and haven’t learned decent social skills. Instead of attracting people by being polite and putting others at ease, they try mean and nasty methods which they think will make them look superior and better.

This bad conduct typically backfires if they make a habit of doing it. People who humiliate others often can’t handle it when they are on the receiving end.

What to do when a friend, family member, or colleague humiliates you in front of others?
Firstly it’s very important to know that it’s not about you but the person who is embarrassing you. He or she suffers either from low self esteem or has faulty communication skills, so instead of feeling victimized take charge of self and situation. When someone makes fun of your physical appearance may be he or she knows that they can’t beat you as far as your mental capabilities are.

Meeting rudeness with the same type of behaviour drags you down to the other person’s level instead you may consider asking the person whether he is having a bad day or what he just said will help him somewhere.

Feeling ashamed and keeping quite or stooping down to the level of the opposite person means you are reacting to the situation. What is actually required is not reacting but responding and that can only happen when you take the spotlight away from you and turn it around.

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