The Script want to collaborate with Rihanna

Rock band The Script would love to get to know singer Rihanna and collaborate with her.

Drummer Glen Power said it would be awesome to team up with Rihanna on a track, but only if it was organic.

It would be amazing to work with Rihanna. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? We are always open to working with anybody. We always feel that it has to be organic. Usually for us, it’s usually because we bumped into somebody at an airport and we just got talking.

It’s never put together clinically, it’s always in an organic way, whether that is hanging out with someone at a festival or going for drinks with them and getting on as people, that is usually where a collaboration begins. We’ve been off the map for a little while, so maybe when we are back out and we are moving around we might start bumping into some cool people again.

Defending the band’s departure from straight-up pop rock and discussing their fans’ response to their fresh sound, Power said: We felt maybe we would try and dip our toe … with our single ‘Rain’ that is our first of a kind song that you can really dance to.

It’s interesting when we play that and they do dance, it’s like wow to see that response. We just tried something different. At the end of the day, it’s still The Script, the content is similar and the themes are of love, loss and heartache.

It’s all the same of what we are, it’s still a band, they are drums and guitars. We have leaned a little bit different and that initially shocked a lot of people. We are still The Script, we are just putting on a different coat that is all.

The Script’s second single to be taken from their album Freedom Child is an uplifting anthem Arms open.

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