Another threat call from Suresh Pujari, BJP MLA lodges complaint

Another MLA from Thane District, this time from Kalyan Ganpat Gaikwad, who has supported the ruling BJP has received threats from Pujari for a ransom of Rs. 50 lakhs and an offence to this effect has been registered with the police station here the city police said today.

Thane Police PRO Sukhada Narkar said that the MLA who also doubles up as a cable operator received several calls from Suresh Pujari during the period from November 15 to 17, 2017 asking for the ransom. The caller on the otherside who identified himself as Suresh Pujari said that Gaikwad was running a cable business which was flourisihing and he should give him 50 Petis, When Gaikwad asked for what the caller said one should know why the gansters ask for ransom.

When the accused called again and reminded for the ransom the MLA ignored him and the caller warned him of dire consequences and said that he would kill his children , the complaint by the MLA with the Kolsewadi police of Kalyan division stated.

The police have booked the caller who identified himself as Suresh Pujari under sections 385,386 and 387 of the IPC the police said and no no arrest is made in connection with the same.

Meanwhile talking to the media the MLA said that initially he approached the Thane CP Param Bir Singh, with the complaint who directed him to the Sr PI Pradeep Sharma of the AEC. The treatment he received at the office of Sharma was a matter of concern he said and added that the security guard at the office did not not allow the MLA to meet the police officer stating that he was in a meeting. The MLA himself got annoyed over the treatment received by him from the office of the police officer and alleged that eversince Sharma has come down to Thane the cases of extortion by the gangsters have once again surfaced. He also alleged made serious allegations against the police officer.

It may be recalled that some time back the Kalwa-Mumbra MLA Bunty Jitendra Awhad also got a call for ransom from the Pujari gang. That matter is also presently being probed by the Thane police.

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