Singing for the unsung – 26/11 and more

From the snow-clad and wind-swept mountains of the Himalayas in the north, to the steaming hot and humid jungles of the seven sisters in the north-east and the shimmering sands of the burning Thar Desert in the west, he never lowers his guard.

-Priyanka Chandani

Along the LoC, he braves daily spells of intermittent small arms and mortar fire from a wily enemy. Sometimes he lives through many days of heavy artillery shelling when the very earth around him shakes ominously. Despite the omnipresent danger, hardships and privations of life on the nation’s troubled frontiers, he stands tall and firm. Stoic and resolute, his courage never wavers, his spirit never flags.

In the memory of 26/11 the Taj attack, the way it is known for many we hardly pay tribute to the once who saved the many lives from the terror. The Army Forces fighting the battle to rescue the hostages by the terrorists inside the hotel. It was a matter of pride and a matter of saving the innocent lives; it was a matter of answering to a dreadful act of the enemy country. Absolute India salutes to the defense team which saved many lived risking their own on the horrific day for the country the 26/11.

We are less aware about their actions, they are the people less known, they are the backroom boys saving the entire nation despite of their major role in nation’s security. They are ever-ready to serve the country by going out of the way. Army building the Elphinstone road foot over bridge is the example of the same. Absolute India spoke with the few out of the box people who have extensively worked democratically for these real heroes to celebrate their difficult life and to bring these standoffish boys to the middle of our live lives.

Pravin Talan a celebrated photographer from Mumbai has captured the Armed forces of the country from all the departments in his camera. He has worked with the heroes of the country for more than five months to capture them while on the action. His work involves women in the force and at the action deported at various borderlands. “Their life is full of challenges, they are in continuous threat and still standing with the passion, theirs is the most difficult job” said Pravin Talan. “we always say women are weak but I have seen women diffusing the explosives, facing the enemy every now and then with the equal courage like a man” Pravin added. When asked about his inspiration behind capturing these faces he said “I have grown up reading Army focused magazine and their work always fascinate me, it is very easy to abuse the officers but very difficult to have this sensitivity”, “I want to show their real image to the world, we do not have their pictures online because nobody is interested in capturing them, and I intend to show their real faces to today’s youth across the globe”.

Countries most reputed educational institution Indian Institute of Management IIM across the country has a dedicated resentment training program for the armed forces so that they can deal with their civil walks of life. We could not get in touch with the spokesperson from IIM.

Recently Maharashtra Seva Sangh has embarked upon a unique mission called ‘SALUTE INDIA’. Seeking to promote national spirit, civic sense and respect towards country’s armed forces.  The recent exhibition was based on Indian Air Force, themed “Vayushakti – Guardians of the Skies”. “The exhibition focuses on bridging the gap between the armed forces and the civilians. We had G-suits, aircraft models, communication trucks, radars and much more on display every year depending upon the civil walk”. Said Nitin Deshpande, a member of Armed force.

We spoke with the spokesperson from Armed forces Rahul Sinha about the gap between the common man and the armed personals and if there is a way to reduce it a little. “Someone who loves the country can definitely connect with civil people. Our life work takes us away from the life which is dear to civilization”, “officers are placed where the borderlands are very inhospitable and we are detached from the advancements too, the situation is same with all walks of civil force”. “we are out of site but do not want to be out of mind”. Added Sinha.

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