Love’s Stormy Weather

I have difficulty understanding people. I overanalyse things and probably anybody who wants to be aware would overthink on every small thing. The biggest challenge for me and I believe everyone for that matter is to understand someone that you really look your future with. First you need your space and at the same time you want to share that space with that special someone.

absI am trying to know a man these days. I see him in a single moment, he changes completely. He is so happy and he can become so unhappy. Just in a moment he was ready to die for me and just moment afterwards he is ready to kill me. But this is how humanity is. It gives depth, it gives surprises, and it gives salt. Otherwise life would have been very tedious.

With this entire story I want to place the point that, it is all beautiful. These are all notes of a great harmony. And when we love a person, we love that harmony and we accept all that makes that harmony. Sometimes it is raining, sometimes the sky is cloudy and dark, and sometimes it is full of sunlight and the clouds have disappeared.

Sometimes it is very cold, and sometimes it is very hot. In just the same way, the human climate goes on changing, everything goes on changing. When we love a person, we love all these possibilities. Infinite are the possibilities and we love all the shades and nuances.

So we need to be true and help our partner also to be true. Then love becomes a growth. Otherwise love can become a poisonous thing. At least we should not corrupt love. It is not corrupted by hatred, it is corrupted by falsity. It is not destroyed by anger, but it is destroyed by an unauthentic persona, a false face.

Love is possible only when there is freedom to be oneself without any guarding, without any reserve. One is simply flowing. I understood and accept that if your partner understands and loves you, they will accept, they will accept; they will help you to come out of the clouds because they know that this is just a climate, and it comes and goes. These are just moods, passing phases, and behind these passing phases is the reality, the spirit of the person, the soul. When we accept all these phases, by and by glimpses of the real soul start happening to us.

“When you love, love as if the person is god, Never love woman as a woman and man as a man” Osho

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