Game of Ayodhya Movie Review

Flim: Game of Ayodhya
Director: Sunil Singh
Cast: Sunil Singh, Makarand Deshpande ,Abhay Bhargava, Arun Bakshi,
Savita Bajaj, Milind Gunaji, Ehsan Khan
Rating: **

-Jitendra Kumar

Game of Ayodhya revolves around the love story of a Hindu-Muslim couple during disturbed times of Ram Temple- Babri Mosque issue. The Sensor Board found the subject controversial and had refused permission to give certificate for release. The board was apprehensive about its content and feared communal tension and unrest in the society after its release. The producers approached the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) and the film was passed without cuts and U/A certificate.

Story: The movie is based on a love story of Hindu – Muslim couple living in Ayodhya. A love story blooms while Hindus and Muslims live in peace and harmony. Interreligious marriages between the two communities was not rare. Even after such affection, violence spreads between the two communities because of dirty politics. Certain mean minded politicians speak the language of hatred for their selfish gains.

The atmosphere was charged and there were riots in many areas and fear gripped every household. Violence had created mistrust among communities. During coverage of such incidents, a reporter (actor and director Sunil Singh) makes a blunder which results in more violence in already disturbed areas. It ruins the sweet love story of the couple. It creates more confusion and chaos in the small town. The reporter apologises later to establish peace in the areas which were affected due to his wrong reporting.

Review: The film starts on a positive note and depicts true emotions between the two communities. The storyline is based on this reality where both the aspects have been shown. It covers almost all the aspects of Ram Temple – Babri Mosque issue. It covers many real images, footages and incidents in the movie, including Liberhan Commission.

There are some good aspects in the movie while some weak strings too. The story is interwoven in reality which sometimes proves to be a speed breaker. The new actors are not that impressive but Sunil and veterans like Milind, Makarand and Arun are good in their roles. The script could have been more compact with focus on either love story or the controversial issue. In an effort to balance between the two, the film goes disarray at many points. As his first experience for Sunil as a director his efforts should be lauded.

The film may leave an impact on some audience as it depicts another standpoint over the controversial issue.


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