Demanding to have a city named Sindhistan with a community flag

Sindhi Hindus were the most severely affected victims of partition. The community’s struggle for survival, at times led one to believe that they would be relegated to the pages of history.

absThe elders not only managed to strengthen their economic position but also preserved their heritage while fulfilling their patriotic duties, for which they deserve full credit. Today, after 60 years this responsibility lies on the shoulders of the youth. Preservation of Sindhi language, Sindhi culture and tradition and Sindhi identity itself, is today posing a great challenge. Today we meet one such personality – Niranjan Hiranandani who has accepted this challenge. He is the president of Hyderabad Sindh National Collegiate Board and is also affiliated to many non-governmental organisations.

When did you establish Hiranandani Construction?
We made our initial investment in 1978-79, although I continued with textiles etc. also for another two-three years and got into full-fledged construction in 1981.

Do the amenities provided at Hiranandani Gardens also match the world class amenities?
Yes. We constructed schools, gardens spread over hundred acres, recycled water from effluents, laid concrete roads on private land – all this for the very first time in India. Ours was the first and the largest mixed township in India, as it comprised residential as well as commercial properties. Previously, either commercial areawas developed ‘a la’ Ballard Estate, Nariman Point, or exclusively residential areas like Malabar Hill.

Do you believe in small earnings add up to maximum income?
We must contribute towards our society. When God has showered his blessings on us, we must distribute them among others. We want to have the good wishes of our customers, so that whoever purchases our property remembers us for many years.

Does your political relations benefit to the Sindhi community?
We have to do more to help our community. If we get the right direction from our leaders there are possibilities of further serving the common man.

Do you think the spreading of Sindhi culture and tradition will be facilitated through government of both the countries?
Presently 90% of Sindhi institutions are located on the other side of the border and if we fail to dismantle mental barriers, it would harm us more than them.

What are the changes that have been brought after you joined as a President of Hyderabad Sindh National Collegiate Board?
First of all, there is a historical contribution made by former Principals. I am doing my best to keep up the tradition and carry on the good work.

What about our community’s political rights, are they safe under the country’s present dispensation?
We have LK Advani, Ram Jethmalani and there was Hashoo Advani. But even these people, when they achieved a ‐224‐ certain status, failed to work for the promotion of Sindhi language. It is a tragic moment; even they are reluctant to promote Sindhi institutions. They think on an all India level and forget their duty towards their community. They should begin from their home and ensure the safety and security of their mother tongue, their culture and civilization, and then move forward and reach up to the goals of entire India.

Don’t you feel that the community today needs a selfless and dynamic leader?
It is not necessary to forget oneself. He can maintain his leadership but along with that he should also work for his community and language, just as we always think about the betterment of our family even while working towards making our business prosper.

Why would Rajasthan spare any land, we can probably have it from any union territory?
Anywhere, it really doesn’t matter, we can just have a city named ‘Sindhistan’, which we shall turn from zero to a developed city. Even if it is infertile or doesn’t have any water we will make a Dubai out of that infertile land. We will take it as a challenge and make a hero of a zero.

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