Creating a child of Art

On my recent visit to home I learnt that despite of our family being educated the discrimination between man and woman is prevalent. On an evening tea, my entire family gathered and I was surprised to know that my uncle still believes that woman is to create children and man are to create arts and material things.

absThe words shattered me. I had to find an answer, I pondered over my thoughts whilst having sleepless nights. I thought I never want to have child and want to pursue my art. But it looks so unnatural or neurotic to me. After three days of amalgamation I realised that there is nothing unnatural in it. If I don’t want to have a child, I have the right not to have one. If I want to put my creativity into painting, into art, it is perfectly good – far better than creating a child who is bound to be a burden on the earth. And who knows what kind of a child will come out of me?

Anyways this was an example that I stated through my understanding however the question is yawning, and the answer is yet to be discovered. It has been said by men again and again that it is women’s natural duty to give birth to children. That’s how they have been able to keep the woman in slavery, because if a woman goes on giving birth to children, where is the time for her to create music, poetry or drama? So on the one hand they have been forcing the woman to remain continually pregnant. In a conversation with one of my friends I asked if he wants to have a child, he denied, stating we both can’t live together and so I do not want to get married- because who knows – the woman I marry may want a child. Then trouble will arise. I am not sure if I agree to the thought or not. And there is no problem unless we feel there is. Why do we have to listen to anybody, what they say – that it is unnatural? We are born to live our life creatively and if producing a child is part of that creativity then why not? We women should certainly participate in that, however I do agree if that child is an enforcement of general human practice then we will only create criminals. Rather if we feel good in creating an art, we are giving better children to the world – children who are harmless, who will make many rejoice.

“She was like moon – part of her was always hidden away” – Unknown.

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