Are you missing motivation?

I have this amazing idea that I want to write about and publish, but somehow when it comes to penning down I find it very difficult to push myself and the enthusiasm just fizzles down.

absSince last six months I am struggling with my over weight issue, I have paid a gym fee, every night I decide tomorrow morning I will definitely go to the gym and that never happens.
I know I have just two months to prepare for my entrance exam and getting a good score will shape my career, but I am missing the inner push to study hard.
Sounds familiar! All of them are very clear about what they want and how can they achieve it, but the energy that gives momentum to these ideas, thoughts and plans to roll in action, is missing.
This energy called motivation and enthusiasm is a driving force that pushes one to take action and pursue goals.
Lack of motivation and enthusiasm can show up everywhere, at home, at work, in relationships, in pursuing goals and in everything else. This often, creates indifference, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.
Reasons for lack of motivation
Motivation can be depleted by a number of sources
  • Lack of faith in one’s abilities.
  • Fear of failure, due to failure in the past.
  • The habit of procrastination.
  • Laziness.
  • The feeling or belief that there are other more important things to do.
  • Social Rejection
  • Neglecting Physical Needs- Timely eating and enough sleep
  • Making Too Many Decisions Exhausting brain
  • Being too stressed or nervous.
  • Absence of enough stimuli or incentives.

How to keep motivation on
Before we start working on lack of motivation it is very important to ask oneself and find out whether we are ready for it and whether we really want to reach somewhere? How passionate and sincere are we towards our goal? It’s alright to be not ambitious or driven, may be this is not the time but it’s not alright to deceive self.

Motivation or enthusiasm is the energy or the fire that is required to move from the inertia of imagination to action needed for actualizing the dream, vision, idea etc.

When we start breaking our final idea or goal in smaller doable tasks then we are not overwhelmed with the largeness or magnitude of it, which is generally the first block to begin action.

Warm up
Before we really get in action for our goal warming up by doing small things which we generally avoid like cleaning your study table, arranging books, clearing the mess in room, throwing away junk, keeping right food handy or taking a short walk, such efforts can help increase the inner strength. When the inner strength grows, one will be able to push self to do greater things.

Prioritize and make place
Our lives are so busy that our daily schedules and occupation can even become a subconscious means of procrastination. If you are passionate about your goal and if you think by achieving that your life will change and it will give a different dimension to your being then you have to make a place and space for it. Otherwise, it will never happen.

You can fix up a workstation, specific day, time- morning hours or post dinner or a weekend and have no other commitments, appointments booked so that you can set the tone and speed of your work. Be consistent. Declare your commitment so that your near ones respect your time.

Lastly keep writing smaller notes, points, ideas, thoughts that flash in your mind regarding accomplishing the goal. Keep the fire alive and you will surely achieve your goal.

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