Anurag Kashyap: I will fight every government for our rights

Anurag Kashyap is known for his own style of film making. His films like ‘Black Friday’.’Gangs of Vasseypur’. ‘Masaan, Raman Raghav’ and other films make him a great filmmaker. He is a multidimensional film maker as producer, director, writer and actor. His upcoming film as director is’ Mukkabaz’ with a new comer Vineet Singh as a hero. He has no fear in fighting with governments for the rights of writers and film makers. In a candid chat with our correspondent, he talks about his views on several topics.

-Jitendra Kumar

Anurag, are you rebellious?
No, I am not a rebellious. I am just fighting for our rights. There are many issues in our Industry which need to be solved by the governments concerned. I am doing this for our industry and there is nothing personal in it.

Don’t you have any fear in fighting with the government?
I don’t have any fear. My strong beliefs give me strength to fight for our rights. I am not against any particular government. I will fight for justice with any government.

Do you think, there are camps in the industry?
If someone makes friends and works together, then it should not be called groupism or camp. There may be people in our film industry who are comfortable working with certain people. It is a person’s choice and it should not be named that way.

Do you think, sports scenario of the country is bad because of the system?
We all are responsible for it. I don’t blame only governments. When some individuals win medals in the sports events, we all appreciate their achievements. But when we look at the larger picture and the reality, these sportsmen achieve everything on their own and great talent.

Do you think Varanasi is developing?
I see only ‘Khudai’ ( Digging) in Varanasi. Let’s see what happens next!

What’s your take on box office? When your films don’t do well, what is your reaction?
I don’t make big budget films. So I don’t panic. I am making good films in small budget and I am happy.

What about ‘Bombay Velvet’?
Sometimes films don’t do well on box office. But my passion in film making doesn’t get affected from a flop film.

What is your opinion on Padmavati controversy?
Without watching a movie, nobody should comment on the issue. I wonder why Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a target every time.

Your next project?
After Mukkabaz, I am making ‘Das Dev’ and a few other projects are in the pipeline.

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