What is your personal bubble?

Do you know?
*Plants possess intercellular spaces (pores or airspaces) between adjacent cells because of the difficulty of packing of cells with rigid walls.
*Study on animals like polar bears, tigers, cheetahs in captivity shows that they don’t reproduce, show bizarre repetitive behaviours and die young.
*Captive polar bears, for instance, spend much of their day pacing back and forth, and clouded leopards pluck their fur out.
*Researchers believe these animals suffer because they’re too confined to carry out their normal routines.
*Plants and animal need space to breath, function well, reproduce and survive

-Dr Sunita Patel

If this is the case with plants and animals imagine how important it is for humans to have their own personal space or the personal bubble to be physically and mentally healthy?

And how many actually know and acknowledge the need of personal space and what repercussion it has on the being when it is denied or violated?

Does personal space means only the Kinesphere (a bubble around you that physically distances you) or also the space to express and be what one wants to be?

What is personal space?
Personal space is an understanding of the space and boundaries that make people comfortable, gives them the platform and opportunity to express self freely. Boundaries of personal space depend on many factors – individual preference, gender, environment, family values, childhood experience, type of relationship, and culture – but respecting the personal space of people around fosters a sense of safety, respect, order, and comfort.

How one feels when personal space is invaded?
It is a very vulnerable feeling when someone intrudes your personal space without invitation. Obviously, it’s not the environmental hazards that we fear, but rather that awkward, annoying feeling when someone stands too close.

There are actually many psychological and physical effects that are immediately activated when someone is getting too close. Suddenly one forgets how to act ‘naturally.’ Becomes extremely self aware. This may cause to behave a little different than usual, some examples are:
*Limited movements and gestures
*Avoid eye contact
*Turning aside or walking away
*Step back.
*Defensive body language – folded arms, less smiles, frowning, tense posture.
*Stopping the conversation entirely.

Why we need it
The cells in our body continuously keep dying and regenerating. This process is very systematic, orderly but sometimes this orderly process breaks down. The cells forget their innate nature and the growth goes hay wire and abnormal cells start dividing and multiplying invading nearby tissues. This is termed as malignant or cancer cells.

In the same manner we need personal space for our physical health, emotional well being, mental stability and integrity. The absence of it creates chaos. Waiting for it or blaming outside world won’t help. Start creating……

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