Shivraj at God’s mercy to run the state

Government’s achievements and successes are only on paper

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-Yogendra Ram Chaturvedi

absMadhya Pradesh was rocked by powerful farmer agitation, but the government was caught unawares. Six farmers were killed in police firing. The Chief Minister sat on fast praying for peace in the state. A minister of the state government does not know who fired and killed the farmers. Now seven debt-ridden farmers have committed suicide in the last seven days. Government is in denial mode. The CM rather sought mercy from Lord Pashupatinath at Mandsaur and prayed for state’s welfare.

He has been the state’s CM for the last 12 years and claims to have a tight hold over the administration. He claimed the government would make farming a profitable business and increase the income of the farmers. The CM made many other claims. Still the farmers revolted and the government was caught napping. Was it the failure of the intelligence system or was it just made scapegoat? However, it is now clear that the government failed badly. Achievements and successes are only on paper. The head of our state claims to be a farmer and a farmer son but the reality is that he is not aware of the problems of the farmers. He stormed to power for the third time by misleading the people, but in fact there has been no improvement in the condition of the farmers over the years. They are not even getting the price they got two decades back although there has been manifold rise in the input costs. However, our farmer son realized this only after six farmers died. After this he has only made announcements. He must have made hundreds of similar announcements in the past which have mainly remained confined to the files. And many other announcements must not have been recorded even in files.

Can we trust the administration responsible for implementing government schemes for the last 13 years? Had there been no farmer protest the CM would have still been under the impression that the government is running very well, is setting new records and bagging award after award. In fact the state is setting records in crimes against women, farmer suicide and corruption. But all this is not visible to the CM. Even if he is aware about them he is ignoring them. Today when the state is heading towards another election, the achievements of the BJP government have suddenly come down to zero. We were making progress in dreams but suddenly woke up and the glare of harsh reality is blinding us. Far from moving forward, we appear to be standing even behind 2003. The debt on state has increased to Rs 1.75 lakh crore from 26,000 crore. Is this the development? We are expert in manipulating data and bagging awards and all this is the result of our total dependence on bureaucracy.

From the present situation it is very obvious that our chief has been a failure not only on the administrative front but also politically. It is his good luck that he has stayed in power for so long. But his administrative and political hold has become lax. Therefore he had to resort to fast. Now he is seeking divine blessings at Mahakal, Onkareshwar and Pashupatinath temples. There is no option except praying in temples. We don’t know how to take administrative decisions. Now only God can help. The state government is at the mercy of God. However, it is still not too late, let’s take proper administrative decisions and implement them.

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