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Prashnat Ingole speaks about his journey, versatility in songs and his upcoming friends

avsPrashant Ingole has been one of the most versatile lyrics writers of Bollywood. He has songs like ‘Malhari’, ‘Gajanana’ (Bajirao Mastani) to his credit. Talking about his journey, he said, “I don’t know how I became a lyrics writer because none of my family members, relatives or even my friends is from the industry. I am a commerce graduate and I wanted to become a chef. I realised that I can write in 2001 and then I really took the step of trying out Bollywood. So I eventually went up and met people tried everything right from the scratch. I waited for nine years for my first break. As I ended up being here, I think I am blessed. Only as time passes by you realise that this is exactly where you were suppose to be.”

Talking about his versatility in songs and one person he would always like to work with, he said, “Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of the best person I would always like to work with because if we go back into the history and see his songs and the films he has done, you will see he is one of the best filmmakers in India and I just admire his madness of filmmaking. Coming to versatility, whenever you write a song you are given a situation, like for example the song ‘Malhari’ Sanjay sir had given me the situation that Bajirao has won a war at Nizam and is coming back there is a celebration happening. I had to think of a person from Maharashtra, I had to think about the elements that goes with it and the way they celebrate. I had to take everything into consideration and write a song accordingly.”

Speaking about his industry friends and upcoming projects, he added, “There are a couple of songs in the pipeline. There is a movie coming up called Daddy starring Arjun Rampal. The music is been given by Sajid Wajid and I am writing lyrics of songs. I am writing my own script as well. It’s going to be a Marathi movie and a couple of more songs for films which will be releasing by the end of year but I can’t disclose the names of those two major films as they belong to very big production houses. Coming to friends, I can’t deny that I have made couple of friends but not many, because I feel here in the industry it’s good to keep distance and maintain professional relationships instead of getting personal with people.”

Concluding the conversation, he said, “Just go ahead and support some good music and good films in India. Instead of going by the star value and all, just go by the quality of the songs and the films.”

-Harsha Wadhwani

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