Health bhi Taste bhi: Visit these brands for snacks, savories and staples!

Looking for jams, A2 Ghee and healthy spreads or some walnut honey and diabetes friendly snacks?  Or perhaps looking for something got munch on the go? In case you’re wondering where to get healthy yet super tasty alternatives to preservative laden commercial products then don’t fret! Read on about these brands for healthy and natural foods that are sure to take care of the Health buff in you:


This brand reinvents the traditional with a modern twist with items such as Banana Rum jam, Jamun preserve, spicy onion relish, vanilla honey and mango jalapeno preserve in their savoury portfolio.

Says the Chief Confiturier, Apeksha Jain  “My endeavor was to create not just a product but a lifestyle. The Gourmet Jar was born from my passion for cooking and that passion is what I am to share with you through my creations. My team works to ensure that every Jar has the perfect balance of flavor.”  We couldn’t agree more!

Their ingredients are a mix of fresh, natural & organic ingredients, directly sourced from farmers and are completely preservative free. Be it honeys, spreads or relishes all Gourmet Jar products are innovative, high on quality and  come in independent glass jars.  Their bestsellers include the Raspberry Strawberry Preserve, Fig Almond Conserve, Red Pepper Pesto, and Sundried Tomato Garlic Spread.  We tried the walnut honey and Red Relish spread and it was loved at first bite!

Need to gift something at the office or perhaps a wedding? Then try the Gourmet condiments! Starting at just Rs 300 a box, they make a wide range of collection boxes; each equipped with a unique assortment of premium flavors and can even be customized as per the occasion. Also don’t forget to gorge on their guilt-free indulgences for those always looking for Sugar free products!


Adya Organics has been inspired by the ancient Indian practice of eating pure and natural foods and offer a host of kitchen essentials for the Indian household including honey, organic ghee and oils such as almond, coconut, sesame, Mustard and Flaxseed.

What differentiates Adya from other large scale commercial brands is their use of traditional methods and desi techniques that have stood the test of time to provide high quality produce at reasonable prices. For instance, they use the Bilona method for the production of A2 cow Ghee and the Kohlu Ka Bel is used to extract all their Oils.

Adya has 2 farms- One in Dehradun and one in Bihar where the company modernizes the ancient practices and believes in the power and efficacy of traditional methods to offer unadulterated products for the urban population.

Also their 100% natural coconut oil is extracted from freshly harvested coconuts using only the natural dry/wet extraction method to extract coconut oil in a way that retains its naturally-beneficial constituents. What’s more for every 5 empty bottles of oil returned they will give you one FREE 500 ml bottle of oil!

This brand focuses on sustainability as well and strives to hire as many locals as possible (especially women) in the nearby villages. We loved their A2 Gir Cow ghee, raw unprocessed honey and kacchi ghani mustard oil which is free from harmful additives/ preservatives and is refreshingly pure. Their patrons swear by the taste and the many health benefits it has bought into their homes and guess who has just joined in the list!



Foods Tree offers a place for foodies, health-conscious individuals or even just curious consumers to explore, discover and purchase a vast variety of high-quality products that are not availble in regular super marts. End your quest for that elusive healthy snack with this online portal that brings together the best of Indian-made food & ingredients!

From that hot new Superfood to that organic staple many online shoppers struggle to locate good brands amidst a plethora of items available – as a website solely dedicated to food we offer an unparalleled shopping experience without this struggle, and guarantee healthy, quality products that are made with care in a sustainable manner.

Foodstree supports small artisanal manufacturers across the country by providing them with marketing and logistics services and brings ease of access and variety to consumers across the country. The best part? Not only is the website friendly but it delivers to over 19,000 pincodes pan-India – because no one should be left out because of where they live!


Foodstree is a win-win proposition for both customers and suppliers. For vendors, it is a platform for be seen and discovered and to reach out to a large country-wide audience especially those who do not have the bandwidth to carry out pan-India deliveries and marketing. For customers they bring together multiple brands under one roof offering easy sorting facilities where they can not only search not only by name but also by segments like lifestyle (vegan, gluten-free), allergies (no nuts, no dairy) or even concerns (heart-healthy, weight loss) and much more.  Try their Grain Stix – Smokey BBQ, Peri Peri Almonds, Dark Chocolate and Walnut Granola and Himalayan Pink Salt Sprinklers to know what we’re talking about!

Try them once and we promise this will be your all time go to destination for all things tasty!

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