Less than a month old, this café is Baking Bad in the city!

Baked Pizza & Co, is a ‘Build your own Pizza’ pizzeria in GK M Block Market that introduces the concept of a  ’Fast-casual’ pizza outlets. Let me explain. Although the three core categories in the dining industry namely fast food, casual dining and Fine dining exist side by side, there is no one place serving a hybrid of all three in the capital- until now. They promise to bring your order to the table within 5 minutes, but with the quality of fine dining (by using top gourmet quality ingredients in the market) along with maintaining the affordability of a QSR outlet.

Bringing an experience like no other pizzeria by using the right ingredients, making whole wheat, thin crust dough and fresh sauce every day, this one is worth a try. The layout of the outlet is informal, casual and chic with a fun vibe to it. What we liked best was the fact they give transparency to customers by giving them full access (freedom and visibility) to their pizzas and their food is served to them.

What makes it even more interesting is that these pizzas are then live-fired in Italian style traditional stone brick ovens in less than 300 seconds. Along with the choice of building your own pizzas, the menu offers a variety of delectable dishes such as house-made salads, Stone-baked pastas like Mac & Cheese and Baked Lasagna. For sides, Baked Pizza & co have some delicious selections like the Baked mozzarella sticks with Jalapenos and corn, Skinny baked chicken wings and signature fake-fried fries which is a 100% air fried with has fewer calories and no oil. In fact, everything on the menu is 100% baked and not fried.
The price range to build your own pizza ranges from Rs.199 to Rs.299 based on the size one chooses. Not only are their pizzas affordable but also the salads, stone-baked pastas and the sides which makes everything on the menu below Rs.500, making it a budget friendly pizzeria.

We tried the Matcha chai latte and the matcha cold green tea (Yes it’s a possible variation) and were delighted. Right from the presentation to the innovative use of peach puree and exotic spices the Matcha served at this place was more than just a drink. An experience in itself, it is worth a try especially if weight loss is on your mind.  Since it’s new, the menu is quite small with only one option in the dessert section. But it was so good, that we are not complaining! However the service was not as prompt and could have been more attentive.

Baked Pizza and Co is also introducing Delhi’s first dedicated Matcha Bar which would include a variety of coolers and shakes made with Matcha Tea Powder and we can’t wait!

BY-Nikita Chawla

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