Everyone wants to look attractive and youthful but multiple issues such stubborn fat, sagging skin, and unwanted body hair make it difficult to achieve the desired results. This is where Skin clinics come to the rescue! You may be old but why look your age? Here are 3 leading skin clinics in the country with authorized dermatologists that can help you freeze body fat, tighten sagging skin and grow back your lost mane and confidence!



Want a face lift but are scare to go under the knife? Or looking for permanent solutions to wrinkles, cellulite and weight gain? Then Medlinks is the place to be!

We highly recommend Medlinks for post weight loss skin tightening, muscle toning and inch loss. If you want non surgical treatments with instant results, then try their PowerShape- a unique platform to remove the unwanted fat which cannot be targeted otherwise. This platform has bipolar RF, diode lasers and lymphatic drainage technologies to selectively destroy the fat cells drain the melted fat through lymphatic system, improving vascularisation of the area to reduce cellulite and skin tightening. Most of the fat loss treatments cause laxity of the skin because of loss of volume but this treatment is unique because of its simultaneous skin tightening properties. Results can be seen right after the first session and next session can be taken after a week’s gap. The treatment is free of side effects and is virtually pain free.

Multiple treatment options to suit individual requirements, a courteous and skilled support team ensuring personalized attention in a clean and well maintained facility are just some of the compelling reasons to visit Med Links.

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This renowned and trusted chain of High-end Weight Management, Beauty -Skin & Hair and Laser Clinics is a part of The Alankar Group and delivers world class services in not only India but also abroad.

Visit VIBES for weight loss solutions, Skin & Hair Treatments, Laser Hair Reduction and Salon for Men & Women. This brand has a huge presence pan India presence and offers a plethora of services like Advanced Weight Management & Inch Loss Procedures, many sophisticated Slimming Treatments like CoolSculpting, DeFat, Non-Surgical Lipo Suction, advance Dermatological Treatments for Hair re growth, Skin Rejuvenation and superior quality Laser Hair Reduction. Get red carpet ready with their medi facials such as the Hydra facial and photo facial and experience the difference for yourself!

They also bring the latest advanced options of Botox & Fillers for smoother, rejuvenated, firmer and younger-looking skin in just 30 minutes of a lunch time treatment. Got a receding hairline? Then try some safe and non-surgical solutions for hair regrowth with the Vibes Advanced Hair Treatments like Stem Cell, PRP Technology & Hair Fillers have been introduced by VIBES for the first time in Kolkata.

This is also an ISO certified company, derives its strength from a team of over 1000 qualified, trained and experienced professionals with a panel of over 300 Dieticians and Doctors who consistently deliver excellent results which include more than 35000 kgs of weight loss every year with use of latest and advanced technology.

All this more makes Vibes a one stop destination for all body needs from head to toe catering to over 5 million happy customers across India and Bangladesh.

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Is your weight weighing you down?  Or do you have a diet plan but have a hard time sticking to it? Try out Nidsun in Saket for a holistic solution to help you fight your war on obesity!

Get a cool new gym body without actually having to go to the gym.  Of course the onus of maintenance is on you but the clinic goes one step ahead and follows up the treatment with post care RF sessions and customizes diet plans as per one’s lifestyle, body type and needs.

Cool sculpting or cryoplosis, diet and nutrition plans, ultrasound and radio frequencies facials to tighten hat double chin…they offer a host of medically safe solutions to all your woes!  What we liked best was the fact that the clinic is relatively cheaper and more economical than its other counterparts.

Everybody wants to lose weight and feel and look fitter and better but one doesn’t need to put their body through unwarranted stress! It goes through a lot each and every day! Nidsun also offers online nutrition “desi” plans that take care of your nutritional requirements, daily energy needs and the need to maybe cheat at times and also to go out. Their 8 week plans for a transformed body include no protein shakes or additives.

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BY -Nikita chawla 

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