Negligence ruining ancient heritage in Berasia

Bhopal Several ancient structures in Berasia area are getting ruined due to negligence of those responsible for its conservation. Several ancient wells, bavdis, temples and forts in the tehsil area are also in need of restoration. In the absence of supervision and proper maintenance old wells in the Nagar Palika area including the Madav, Imli Basai pond, Chhatri temple and several other wells like the block wala kuan and the wells newar the old Nagar Palika and Girls School of the city are also on the verge of destruction.

The Mangalgarh fort carved out of ancient stonework, the ancient Surang Bavdi and the temple are all in ruins today. The senior citizens of the area are of the opinion that the authorities have been negligent causing this destruction of ancient heritage whereas tourists are still coming to see these structures. It is not too late and if the public representatives take up the cudgels, the heritage can be saved. There is need to pay attention to them.

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