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According to an India today report, 60% of the well known Sports nutrition and supplements sold in the country (imported and otherwise) are either counterfeit or lack regulatory procedures. So if you are not sure where your current supplement stands and are looking to switch, try out these Indian companies that are upholding world class standards:

  1. Onelife


The name OneLife Live it Right stresses on the fact that there is just one life and we all want to live it right. This brand makes products that help improve health, make you feel better and help you live right and therefore the name OneLife..Live it Right!

Says Gaurav Aggarwal, CEO One Life and Director Lasons India ““The way food is consumed and lifestyle is evolving, it is hard for an everyday go-getter to fit in a wholesome diet and include healthy alternatives than opting for junk which is easily accessible. In this case, innovation is the key. Every product of One Life is researched and created to assist you to include a healthy alternative easily.”

Ranging from researched, organic and natural supplements, their products ensure you are well taken care of from inside-out and are spread across multiple categories aimed to aid energy, vitality, endurance, daily nutrition, vitamin s, and beauty enhancers from within.

Their impressive and exhaustive range of vitamins and supplements is available online through e-commerce and multiple online partners as well as an offline presence in over 16 cities nationally. With online and offline presence through pharmacies, nutritional stores and marts, OneLife endeavours to be your partner for the best health and happy lifestyle.

After all you have one life, live it right!

  1. Aceblends

Ace Blend solves a problem that has never been addressed proficiently- How do we deliver the right amount of protein needed by the human body, from a completely vegan source in a way that it not only meets the body’s needs but also nourishes it from within?

This brand crafted a source of superfoods that can be relied on to dramatically enhance one’s health on a daily basis so that the consumer cannot just keep pace but thrive in the fast paced life of the 21st century.

The internationally-certified Ace Blend: French Golden-Split Peas, Californian Organic Brown Rice. Ashwagandha, Amla, Pure Chlorella, Barley Grass, Spinach, Lycopene, Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract.

Currently Ace Blend comes in 2 incredible flavours – Raw Chocolate (blended with real cocoa) and Green Lime (blended with real condensed limes), both of which are loved by our users and have distinct fans. Apart from consuming it the simple way, you can also use it in recipes and consume it with your favourite foods like smoothies, pancakes and cookies, brownies, etc.



Ace Blend is a globally certified product registered with the Vegan Society​ UK,​ ensuring the highest quality on a worldwide platform. Each batch is quality checked by the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems​ Team which ensures personal supervision on each Ace that’s blended in this company.


  1. Nutrimake

This brand makes meal replacement blends that have every element of nutrition including protein, carbs, fibre and 25 vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities guaranteeing a wholesome meal which is easy to prepare – just add to water and shake!, It keeps you full for 4-5 hours while you feel light and energized and is available at the cost of two masala dosas. It’s Fast Food, but nutritious and healthier than the healthiest of foods.

Nutrimake was created with a vision to make Nutritional products simple, accessible and affordable and uses only natural ingredients like Oats, Wheat, Finger Millet, Soya, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Cardamom and Saffron in products that are minimally processed to maintain the natural nutrition profile, along with 25 vitamins and minerals derived from plant-based sources. While most companies use extracts, gums, preservatives and additives, they refrain from all of that keeping the blends free from harmful additives and preservatives.

Nutrimake has been embraced and approved by Elite Athletes in the country who put it to test by using it during their rigorous routines that involved working out for 4-5 hours a day and Nutrimake helped improve their performance, reduced fatigue and helped speed up recovery. Kuntal Joisher, an elite mountaineer, Nithin Anjaneya, National Muay Thai Champion and a few elite marathoners too use Nutrimake on a daily basis as their breakfast option.


4. PLix

Looking for a vegan plant protein alternative that is clean with no added sugars, artificial sweetners or dairy? Then fuel your intensive post workout sessions with Plix- a brand believes in 100% Natural plant based nutrition and wellness.  The range is not limited ( currently they have Cardio, Strength and Stamina) but the products deliver more than promised and we can’t stop raving about it!

For all those who are focused on strengthening their core through resistance intensive workouts like yoga, Pilates and cross-fit as well building lean muscle through weightlifting and endurance increasing exercises should try their ‘Strength’.
This plant protein source is a combination of Brown rice & Pea protein is a clean, plant based form of packing in all the 9 essential amino acids(complete amino acid profile)  including BCAA’s, which act as building blocks for muscle building & Wear + Tear! Their Pea protein, imported from France has a PDCASS score of almost 0.93 which is greater than that of common vegetables with 85% protein content in each serving and is filled with antioxidants as well,

What we liked best was that unlike a lot of whey supplements in the market it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and despite no artificial or synthetic flavouring, it tastes just as delicious if not more!

We also loved their post workout fuel ‘Cardio’ which is a mix of plant protein and superfoods that work hand in hand to help you meet your fitness goals. An added burst of delicious coconut water replenishes the lost electrolytes post a power packed workout! 




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