Inter-district gambling racket busted

Jabalpur In a crackdown, the police have busted alleged inter-district gambling racket and seized cash, several motorbike and mobile handsets from a forest area outskirt of the city.

Acting on a tip off the police team raided a spot in forest area between villages Kamtia- Dongarjhansi coming under the Chargawan police station.

When the team raided the spot in the night around 11 pm, the policemen were taken to surprise as they saw the gamblers were sitting under a banyan tree in the forest were playing in the candlelight.

According to the police, there were inputs of the inter-district gang of gamblers active in the area and was operating in the teak forest areas as it is way from the habitat and rarely one could spot them playing in the candlelight.

Four gamblers were arrested by the police while nine persons fled from the spot seeing the cops are approaching them taking benefit of the dark.The police seized Rs. 1.71 lakh, five mobile phones, 8 motorbikes and one pack of playing cards.

The police arrested Jai Singh Lodhi of village Bijori, Om Prakash Gautam resident of Garha in district Jabalpur, Vimal Lodhi of village Pipariya Lathgaon, district Narsinghpur, Snajay Paliwal resident of Dhaneri distrit Narsinghpur was arrested by the police.

The persons who were arrested disclosed the names of three persons who fled the spot including Bahilal Patel of Gotegaon in district Narsinghpur, Shankar Thakur of Jabalpur, Daddu Rai resident Gotegaon in district Narsinghpur, Annu Patel Mankwara, Jitendra Patel Dhanvantari Nagar and Rajendra Shriphal  of Sagda, Jabalpur alongwith three unidentified persons fled the spot.

The police have registered the case under section 13 of the Gambling Act at the Chargawan police station.

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