Trains can now run at 120kmph on Pachore-Vijaypur track

Biora The electric line over the railway track from Pachore to Vijaypur has been tested. In which the special train runs with the speed of 120 km per hour. People present over there were surprised to see train running with the fastest speed for the first time.

It is remarkable that the safety commissioner of the railway has investigated the electric line on Thursday. Safety commissioner has taken the responsibility of investigation of special train from V ijaypur to Pachore. This train passes through Biora railway station with other station with speed of 120kmph.

Takes 15 minutes to cover distance of 30km

Special train starts from Pachore at 12:15 pm, which passes through Biora station at 12:30 pm. People get surprised as the train passes speedily form Biora. None of train passes with this speed before. Although according to the schedule safety commissioner had to stop and investigate the Biora Station. But he directly passes with special train while having its trail. Stationmaster P S Mina said that special train has run for testing electric line. Train has the speed of 120 km per hour.

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