Monsoon and its woes!

We give you a rundown of problems faced by students during monsoon, its impact and possible solutions

Monsoon, the most awaited season in Mumbai to wash away the sultry summer heat has its own pros and cons. The cloudy sky, the pleasant weather, the sweet smell of the wet soil and the music of raindrops to our ears brings a feeling of ecstasy and nostalgia to one’s mind. But this season also brings about a lot of havoc and chaos when it arrives.

Problems faced by students during the monsoon:

The roads of Mumbai are never monsoon ready. The ever increasing potholes and ill-maintained drainage system are always there to welcome the rains. Just a drizzle and there is water logging everywhere. Many students complain that the rains have not even started in their full capacity but the trains are already getting delayed. The delay in trains leads to an unnecessary rush which makes commuting very difficult since these trains are indeed the lifeline of each Mumbaikar. A student travelling from Thane said, “The Central Railway trains always run late during the rains which force me to take a cab to college most days.”

Rains make commuting a mess in Mumbai, especially for students travelling to their schools or colleges. It is indeed a dreadful experience for them. Nowadays, colleges are very strict with their attendance and timings thus students are always stressed out about reaching college on time. The late arrival of trains, clogging of water on main roads, and the high amount of humidity adds on to all the horrors that students face. Not just trains but buses also face the brunt of the monsoon and are subject to excessive delays.

Tanya, a student from St Andrews College stated, “The rickshaw and taxi meters run too fast when it rains and traffic jams have now become a part of my routine. I need to manage my pocket money and therefore I prefer to make use of the BEST bus service. They are a very economical service but the only trouble I face is to leave home an hour earlier since the bus frequency during the rains is a problem.”

Rainwater coming in from the windows and main doors causes water to get collected in the trains and buses itself, thus many people do not sit on the wet seats and prefer standing to avoid getting wet, and this in turn creates unnecessary crowding which simply adds to the problem. The rickshaws and taxi often refuse to provide service even in the pouring rain and they have no mercy on the commuters.

A college student named Selena stated, “Though I stay close to my college, I end up reaching late since it is very difficult to get a rickshaw on rainy days.” The rickshaw lines in front of Bandra station are unbearably long even at seven in the morning which wastes a lot of time for college students and forces them to walk to college on the dirty roads.

Lalit, a student of St. Andrews College who travels to college on his bike added, “The Western Express Highway is very bad during the rains. There are potholes and not well-maintained speed breakers which make the road very slippery and unsafe, so my parents do not allow me to use the bike.”
Many students also complained about how carrying huge projects and electronics like cameras or laptops during the monsoon becomes an extremely troublesome task. Reaching college intact is indeed is a bumpy ride for each student.

Tips to make travelling during rains bearable for students:

A few methods that college students can utilize to make their monsoon travelling bearable are:

Time management
Try leaving the house an hour early during the monsoon to avoid the unnecessary panic and problem of reaching your destination on time.

Use of technology
You can make use of various apps like Traffline Mumbai and Waze to get proper updates of traffic around the city. Other apps like Metershare, M-Indicator, and other useful apps can help you to plan your travel in the most optimum way.

Use public transport
In the monsoon, avoid using private vehicles due to the bad conditions of the roads. To save time you can use public transport which is a more convenient mode of transportation this season.

Pool Karo, Khush raho!
Pool a cab or rickshaws with your friends at the station this will help you save a lot of time and money and which will help you to reach your destination on time.

Play safe since prevention is better than cure
Carry your electronics like phones, laptops, and cameras as well as your books in a plastic bag while travelling to avoid any risks of water damage.

Emergency alert
Due to the delay of transport or water clogging you might have to wait at one place for long hours. It is favourable to carry a packet of dry snack, biscuits, and power banks with you while you travel in case of any emergency.

Take it seriously
Listen to your parents for once and carry your umbrellas and raincoats as getting wet in the rain regularly is not good for your health.

Choose wisely
Select proper rainy shoes and clothes that can dry fast which will help you to avoid slipping and falling sick.
By keeping all this in mind and following these tips you will definitely have a more comfortable journey to college each day and be able to enjoy this refreshing season in all its glory.

Student Speak:

“I think the drainage system in certain areas needs to be improved as it makes it difficult for one to walk in the streets due to the dirt all cluttered around.”
Selena D’souza- St. Andrews College

“When it rains we have to close the doors and windows of the train which causes suffocation when the train is crowded.”
Bridget Fernandes- St. Andrews College

“The trains get delayed by 20-30 minutes or more even if there is just a small shower of rain. The station also becomes very mucky which makes it difficult to walk on the platform to get a train.” Beverly Noronha- Sophia College

Mimiksha Roy
(St Andrews College)

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