Wednesday , 25 November 2020

Shivraj is a better actor than Shahrukh and Salman: Kamal Nath

indore. Shivraj Singh Chauhan does acting well. Shahrukh Salman Khan should also be shy ahead of him. They should move to Mumbai. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said this in a meeting organized in the Sanwer constituency. Kamal Nath did not stop here, he said that Shivraj is a liar. In these seven months, they have started telling more lies.

In the village of Palankararia in Sanwer, the State Congress President addressed the public rally in support of Premchand Guddu, the candidate of Congress. Shivraj has also taken the meeting 4 days ago in the same village. Kamal Nath said from the stage of the assembly, “I challenge Shivraj ji and ask him to argue with me on the open stage and keep evidence.”

Nath also said that while being a Union Minister, I gave the most money to MP. Shivraj Chauhan himself thanked me. Everything is on record. MLA Jeetu Patwari attacked Scindia in the assembly. Patwari asked why Scindia is standing with a woman, Imrati Devi. Why don’t you stand with every woman?

Patwari said that Scindia should apologize for betraying the Scindia family along with Queen Laxmibai and for her murder. National Congress of Youth Congress Srinivas Biwi said that sitting in a hotel in Bangalore, Tulsi Silavat signed a deal to change the party from 25 to 40 crores.

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