Wednesday , 25 November 2020

Gwalior: Ayurvedic plants will be planted in municipal parks

Gwalior :Due to the lessons learned from the corona epidemic, people are now returning to Ayurveda. The Municipal Corporation is also taking steps in this direction. Earlier, the parks of the Municipal Corporation, which used to grow exotic plants, now Ayurvedic plants will be planted there which will provide sanitation to the people along with environmental hygiene.

During the Corona epidemic, the demand for Ayurvedic plants had increased tremendously. People were roaming around for Basil, Ashwagandha, Hanuman Tulsi (Doda Baruah) to strengthen their bodies to fight the corona. But they could not find it easily. On the other hand, about one hundred parks in the city come under the Municipal Corporation, but in these parks, more importance was given to foreign plants instead of indigenous.

Due to this, exotic mehndi, including other plants were planted in every park. These plants are not important in Ayurveda. Due to this, in the time of Corona epidemic, out of more than 100 parks of the municipal corporation, not a single park plant proved to be effective in saving the life and infection of any person. In such a situation, the Municipal Corporation has planned to plant Ayurvedic plants instead of foreign plants.

These plants will be planted

Now, the maximum quantity of Tulsi, including Rama, Shyama, Vrindwa, Hanuman Tulsi (Donda Barua) will be planted in the municipal park, along with Amla, Ashwagandha, Satavari, Giloy, Pattharchta etc.

A sector of Ayurvedic plants has been made in Tapovan Nursery of Forest Department. There are about 100 species of Ayurvedic plants in it. During the Corona epidemic, most people bought and used plants from this nursery.

Park lock and entire city unlocked

Thousands of people flock to the municipal park, but even after getting permission to open the park in unlock, the park has not been opened in Gwalior yet. The main gateways of the park are closed, only those people who are aware of these routes are able to enter the park. The rest of the people are unable to reach the morning.

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