New Year … yet another chance for us to get it right

Radhanath Swami Maharaj


New Year eve is just arriving and every society has its own way of celebrating it. As this Kaliyuga progresses it seems there are  different ways of  becoming one but Krishna says in the Gita what is a day for enlightened Soul is the time of sleeping for the ordinary materialistic person and what is the time of sleeping for an elevated soul is the time of enjoyment for a materialistic person

At midnight some of you will be awake and some of you will be sleeping but the real important is not on the physical platform where we keep our eyes open or close, it is what we are attentive too, what we are valuing. An enlightened soul chooses his option wisely

Material wealth has the potential of bringing us closer or far depending on how we choose to use it, but on ethical behavior participating in killing of animals, intoxication, illicit sex, whimsical gambling…… these things by nature cannot really be dovetailed in a positive spiritual way. They are serious distractions from our connection to  Krishna.  Our great Acharyas have given us the guidelines of what things we should be careful of and to avoid and what is very necessary to do to develop that deep connection with Krishna. A person who is spiritually elevated and connected to Krishna will never do wrong.

An Association of elevated souls awakens Krishna‘s grace within us and then we can have the strength to actually avoid those things that are unfavorable for human society but in the world today unless we have extremely saintly parents who have really protected us and nourish us, it’s very easy for most of us have get into bad habits.

Some of our gross bad habits like very selfish material act or indulging in sinful activities and even habits like having a fault finding tendency, a need to criticize others or having a need to show that I am better than others,  having a certain type of laziness or  having a burning anger, a burning habit for various types of destructive entertainment these are distractions and in coming new year it could be a great impede for devotional services because like everything in this world potentially material and spiritual depending on how we perceive it .

For Some New Year is the time to completely become intoxicated and enjoy the celebration.. This is quiet meaningless for others as for them it is a time of reflection. Some business people analyze their accounts, strengths and weaknesses of their business and do self introspection of themselves as a leader, also the profits and losses they made during the year and the lessons that they learnt. And with the new revive understanding, they plan business into the new year with Deep understanding because they had analyze the past, they have learnt from the past so now they are passing across the threshold of the new year with the more  wisdom and more practical experience and approach on a spiritual level  where we can take it in a certain ways, look back not only in the past year but our whole life and what are the new impediment to the spiritual world what have been the habits that are dragging us down away from Krishna and what are the new habits that I can actually commit myself.

In many places there is something called as New Year’s resolution which means we see the problems of the past in our own condition or in our collective condition we make resolutions we make commitments it’s kind of like initiation not exactly but we take it seriously which is a fact and yes I have burnt a lot I am one year closer to death I have one more year of experience and realization and wisdom behind me and I am going to move forward and I am going to cross the threshold this year I’m gonna cross that line as a much better person, as a much better human because sometimes we need certain lines, certain demarcation, certain opportunity to say yes now is the time I have been talking about it, I have been thinking about it,  but I’m not really gonna do it as now…….. now is the time, its New Year

We realize that we really have to move ahead we have to move on and this New Year is the time, wonderful time, oh yes it’s a New Year, whatever I am going to make my commitment I’m going to move forward and if we celebrate New Year with Krishna in the centre of our life, your holiday will turn to be a holy day .



(The author is the Spiritual Guru of International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

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