Is RSS unhappy with Modi’s modus operandi?

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Even after three years of forming government instead of talking about work, the address to nation’ Man Ki Baat’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi broadcast on all the channels of All India Radio and Doordarshan is more talked about. Whatever is going on in the name of development are just exaggerated talks. Greedy politics is going on rather than profitable. Marketism is being promoted by the collusion of politicians and businessmen. Personal talent is being developed through skill development Instead of implementing changes in education policy. And so on.

These comments are not from leader of any opposition party but brief of some articles written by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on social media. Even if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is climbing the footsteps of popularity in the political survey and appearing on the peak of the country’s politics, Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the RSS (which is also called the mother institution of BJP) is probably not satisfied. If he wants, he can give direct instructions, but why he is not doing it so is the question which rose from his articles written on his Facebook page. The results of the media, social media and surveys can be seen in favor of the Modi government, but this is not all the truth. The bitter truth is whatever is being shown is not happening anywhere. And this comes from RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat.

Even after so many years of persistent efforts, if we could not make it to a developed nation from developing nation then it is obviously because of some mistakes. In almost the same time many such developed nation are standing in front of us as examples.  As long as we continue to with exaggerated talks, despite the time and labor we will not be able to move forward!

absWhen greed becomes more important than profit, it is natural for the system to be corrupt by the collusion of politicians and businessmen, because such a situation leads to misuse of power. When we talk about ‘development’, we must know about what does we mean by development.  Do we consider economic benefits only as a substitute for ‘development’?  If yes, believe that the process of any such ‘development’ will ultimately lead to our destruction. The usefulness of the power also proves through experimentation, in which, the role of social leadership becomes important because it gives power in hands of the leader. Not only results but processes are also important for every experiment, for example, the distribution of gas connections to the five crore poor peoples of the country can be presented as an achievement but if we seen in a way that it is because of collusion of politicians and businessmen then It will not be wrong, which gave birth to five crore new consumers by and now in such situation, if the government uses its powers to encourage cow shelters at the village level then not only village will become pollution free, but availability of pure and cheap fuel at the village and organic fertilizers and cultivation will also developed; But this is only possible when the intention of the government is to make society self-reliant. When the government is striving to make the society dependent for their benefits then it is natural that priorities go wrong. No wonder, in such situation beef is more important than protection of cows; that’s what is happening today!

If personal skill development is only skill development then it is obvious that, the mistake in current education policy makes necessity of skill development. In such situations, the question arise about the priorities of the government, either it is change in education policy or a new programme under skill development.  What are the two options to do; it explains how mature the understanding of social leadership is in terms of the problem.

‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ may be a good scheme, but considering children as the future of any nation, we should raise above the son-daughter discrimination issues. Children should be declared as national property. This is not possible for the structure of the existing system unless they bring fundamental changes in them.

“Neither the development is wrong, nor the opposition, if something is wrong then it is the understanding of the concept of development. If the reason for the opposition is correct then anti-developments will be in social interest, and to understand this, the development of social discipline will be important. Negligence of necessity gave birth to the option for the system, but when the option lost its originality in following the older traditions, and trying to prove itself important on the basis of comparison, then what should we do? Now the question is if a single individual cannot do everything, then the one who is capable of doing is imparting his duties or not? ”

It is the responsibility of the governing system to provide security and system to the society. The political party is unique means to achieve the power of governance in the country. Politics provides leadership to society, but when politics loses its direction and the power of resources is considered to be more important than the objective, it is possible to initiate the process of change of system through leadership change itself. Now, can’t the one who gave birth, can kill? So, can’t an ideology which gave birth to a political party not end it?

‘We’ is more important than ‘I’ in politics. If leadership problems occur in governance then the leadership can be changed! Three years were spent on ‘Mann Ki Baat’, but we didn’t have time to discuss work, is this the way a country run? After all, there is a difference in contesting in elections and running the country! Confidence winning is the biggest task for any governing system today.


Collective initiative : Need of the hour!

The national leaders should try to win the faith of the society through their efforts, unless every leader get together on same line of thinking development is impossible. Under such circumstances, it is necessary that the system is undertaking meaningful interactions with its meaningful efforts in the society; the social leaders will have to take initiative. But when the priorities of leadership are confusing, misdirected and the persona is a subject of suspicion, it will be difficult to believe the society on such person’s leadership. When the necessity is to establish meaningful dialogue with the society, then the top leadership of the nation is busy in expressing ‘Mann Ki Baat’, in such scenario it is consider to be the country’s misfortune.


Give directions please!

Mohan Bhagwat, you are supreme. Why do you have to resort to social media? Why cannot you give direct directions? Is a person or your whole political wing out of your control? If that is so, then it is a matter of concern and in your own language, there is a misfortune of the country.

Yogendra Ram

-Yogendra Ram Chaturvedi

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