Flushing out racial injustice, flourishing new opportunities nationally


Rhydhima Raj | Los Angeles

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris become 46th Commander-in-Chief and 49th second-in-command, respectively of the United States and came in to power from 20th Jan 2021, supporters took it to the streets of New York and Southern California and to social media in a collective reaction that was overwhelmingly marked by celebration.

“It’s time for America to unite and heal”, says Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Twitter. He added that Kamala Harris made History and she would turn bright for America’s future, especially for the millions of women and girls across this country.

Harris made history as the first Black and Asian woman to become vice president, an achievement that comes as the U.S. faces a reckoning on racial justice.

The West Coast that went all power for racial justice put in every muscle for the Democratic Party’s victory. Out of the states that raised the Go Blue flag, California sheds happy tears as several Indian-Californians look forward for a more reliable and reassured future. Big companies in California seem to open their gates for Indians especially in the field of software development. California has streamed back for attracting more Indian students with their lucrative college programs and job opportunities.

People from different career spheres share their views on the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, stating how do they see the party in power bettering or securing their lives.

“Biden-Harris Team will show more effective and result oriented programs for their next four year term. A new world order, mature foreign policy, more concern for global health, environmental and climate change related programs and policies. New role with UNO. More focus on South Asia and trans Pacific policies targeting China and its relationship with neighboring countries, its South China Sea programs.
Will be more focus on India for trade, investment, defense, medical and scientific research programs, employment based immigration to the US, will use this leverage to checkmate China.
Also will be hard and will twist its arm for Kashmir and abusive tendency towards Muslim, Christian minorities and backward class population, human rights issues. India will have to deal with Kamala with extreme precautions for sure, can not compromise with her with sick Modi brand mentality.
At home more refined Obama Health Care policies helping middle and low income groups, promoting Make in US industrial policies, more strict on immigration policies, at the same time liberal on US based undocumented immigrants and their children/DACA policies.
Will be a government of all color inclusive, presenting real America.
Post Corona lessons will be implemented in Health, Education sector.
Their term will effectively remove the last darkest four years of selfishly self centered Trump regime and will bring back derailed economy, American values, moral and a national pride!
In real sense will be a combine Blue and Red America!”

Expressed Kaushik Amin, the Ethnic Media & Community Worker from New Jersey

“Biden-Harris as leaders the first most i see is preservation of the Democracy. Their ideologies and experience will put USA back to the world leader platform. It’s a common deed to wish well for all but patriotism should be towards your fellow citizens.
As Asian American I see a more balanced presidential team which may benefit everyone and world collectively.
Harris has proved as a role model to dreamers and believers to work hard pursue and you will achieve success. Their policies most likely will be to first most fix the pandemic, get the vaccine, spread the right word to suppress the spread. Provide healthcare with all tools needed, approve stimulus package and get business back on track.
They will try to restore the PARIS convention, collaborate with WHO and put EPA as a priority.
Try to create a carbon neutral environment for future.
For immigrants who come to USA as dreamers and achievers will provide the opportunity to succeed.
They will/may create a balanced and productive society.
They may bring in the coalition ideology to unite more countries to benefit the global society.”
These are the feelings of BKK, a BakersfieldHealthcare professional.

Ajay Jain Bhutoria, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, said, “After four years of the Trump administration, we know our children and grandchildren will not have the same opportunities as we had. We need a leader who understands our community, our values, our pride and appreciates our hard work and gives equal opportunity and say in his administration.”

BarunOkram, PI at Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, La Jolla, CA opined,“As a leader during the course of his long career, Joe Biden has proven his deep understanding and concerns of the needs of the Indian community. Kamala Harris will reaffirm the commitment. The entire Indian community will be well represented with her as our new vice president,”

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