World Sparrow Day 20th March 

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Let’s save our little friend …
It’s heart-wrenching to realise that our country, known for its natural beauty, is suffering the undesirable consequences of  climate change and rapid urbanisation. One stark example is the steady disappearance of the Sparrow. Many of us would remember these beautiful, friendly little birds perched on our window sills, greeting us with their happy chirping every morning. Unfortunately, that’s a rare sight today. The Sparrow population is quickly declining. And if we don’t make a serious effort to Save The Sparrow there will come a time, in the not too distant future, when they will completely disappear.
Founder & Trustee
Sanskriti foundation
I have grown up listening to the chirping of a thousand sparrows.

I don’t hear them anymore. In the past decade they have drastically reduced in number.
I don’t know who is to be blamed, but I know that it is our duty to get our little friend back into our lives.
I want my next generation to see and feed the sparrows.

Let’s all come together and pledge to help Save The Sparrow, and bring these wonderful and lovely birds back into our lives. This would not only help preserve a fragile and disturbed ecosystem, but would be a kindness to a harmless creature that truly needs and deserves your help. By joining in the efforts of Sanskriti Foundation, we could give future generations the opportunity to interact with our feathery little friends that were always there to say hello.


Sanskriti India believes in the joy of giving and we don’t limit it to just humans. We also believe our nature needs to be taken care of. With the growing global warming and changes in the environment we have observed a huge amount birds extincting. Our little friendly neighbourhood bird, whose chirping woke us up every morning : the sparrow has gone missing.

There were times when spotting a sparrow was so easy. But today, everything has changed. We are here to save the sparrows in the best possible way we can.

Yogesh Amin, founder of Sanskriti India believe that the happiness of receiving is short-lived but the joy of giving remains forever.
Now is the time we give back to our environment by saving the bird who gave us uncountable memories.

What can we do?
Putting a bowl of water, outside our windows on a hot summer afternoon will keep the birds hydrate.
Put bird boxes and bird feeders outside our house or in the gardens.
Grow plants and hedges that are native to the place. This encourages some of the common birds to come back.

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