Mahableshwar to be garbage free

5 lakh to 17 lakh tourists visit Mahabaleshwar every year

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Mahabaleshwar would be the first hill station in the country where a tourist will be welcomed through SMS by the Mahabaleshwar Giristhan Municipal Council urging them to not pollute hill station. To make Mahabaleshwar more clean and garbage free, the council has decided to provide a garbage bag at all three entry points. These garbage bags will be given free cost to the tourists. To ensure that garbage bags will be used, Rs 100 will be taken from the tourists as a deposit at the entry gate. While exiting the Mahabaleshwar, the garbage bags would be collected from them at entry gate. The garbage free Mahabaleshwar project would be implemented by October 2017.

Speaking with Absolute India, senior corporator of the Council, Kumar Gorakhnath Shinde said that the council has prepared the plan for the garbage free Mahabaleshwar. We are establishing the mobile network towers at all three entry points. The moment, the tourist would come to the hill station, the network will capture his number and provide it to our control room. An SMS would be immediately sent on his number.

Looking at the foot falls on the weekend, the council has taken this decision. Explaining the need for the garbage bag, he said that 15 lakh to 17 lakh tourists visit Mahabaleshwar every year. The Mahabaleshwar has been marked as eco-senstive zone by the central government. We need to protect and preserve the hill station. Hence, the Swachh Bharat campaign is also being diligently implemented by the council.

The garbage bag will be barcoded, if anyone fails to use it, their deposit money will not be refunded. “Per SMS would cost 15 paise to the council but it would help to clean the hill station,” he added. To operate the entry points, the council will allot contract to private agency which hire a person who is trained to welcome the tourists in four languages (Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati).

Venna lake is one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. He said that the laser show will conducted at the lake which would make more attractive. Besides, the wooden track will also be developed adjacent to the lake.

Speaking with Absolute India, deputy chairman of the Council, Afajal Mubarak Sutar said that the garbage free Mahabaleshwar project would be implemented by October 1.

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