Arjun: Not keen on doing adult comedies!

Arjun Kapoor speaks about Indian tendency of taking offence, his marriage rumours and more

-Kinnari Shailendra Singh

Arjun Kapoor is all set to tickle the funny bones with his upcoming film Mubarakan. The actor, who feels that comedy as a genre is difficult, says he is not keen on doing adult comedies as he fears he would offend people.

“Adult comedy is perceived very differently by Indian people compared to how people see it internationally. And the content we select unfortunately becomes a little too person specific. While there people are used to a film like American Pie, here we don’t even have double meaning jokes in our films. People over there deal with words like sex in their daily life. Here it is a taboo. The physicality over there is not taboo but here if an actor and actress kiss on screen, it generates a buzz. I am obviously not someone who is going to do an adult comedy as I don’t want to offend someone but I have no disregards for anybody who does it. At the end of the day there are certain audience who loves to watch adult comedy and there’s no harm in it,” Arjun said.

Reportedly, Anil Kapoor had recently said that Arjun would be the first one to get married in their family. Responding on his uncle’s comments, Arjun added, “It was blown out of the proportion. The question was who will get married first and I was like I’ll get married as any which ways on July 28 my film Mubarakan is releasing in which I am set to get married. I have been telling from years that I am not in a hurry to get married so obviously in one day I will not change my decision. In that context, Anil chachu said that yes we will first marry off Arjun Kapoor first.”

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