Our personalities get reflected by our music

Meet Bros spills the beans on their new track from Munna Michael which releases next week

-Harsha Wadhwani

The musical-duo, Harmeet Singh and Manmeet Singh also known as Meet Bros has come up with a new song ‘Shake Karaan’ in the movie Munna Michael. The song will release next week and the duo is all excited for this peppy number.

How difficult it is to manage so much of work all together?
This is not work for us its fun, it’s something we love to do with travel. Work only seems work when you’re not really enjoying it otherwise it’s something that you look forward to do. So, making music, travelling, shooting, doing shows… I mean this is all fun for us it’s like going for a cricket match or watch a film it’s more or less the same you know the feeling of working in the studios. The happiness you find in our music comes because we enjoy doing what we are doing in the studio.

You have just done a song in the movie Munna Michael. How was the experience?
The director, Sabbir Khan is very passionate and he has got good ears for music. He loves music and Munna Michael is a musical film. So, we had done ‘Chham Chham’ for him in the movie Baaghi, which became a big hit. He wanted another girly song for Kanika Kapoor. It’s a nice very easy to dance kind of a song, which again all girls and everybody is going to love. It’s releasing next week and is called ‘Shake Karaan’.

From where do you get the idea/inspiration for doing such diverse work?
I think the only thing that seems different in this creative world is the personality or the persona of the artist so if people are different and their work comes out, it will look different because it’s that person who has something in him, which is not matching with other people. So, I think our personalities get reflected by music. We are very positive. We just have fun while making the music. We are enjoying ourselves. We don’t look at it as a stream of business. I think our personalities are taped in music. We just have fun with the beat. We bounce it off to each other when we like it or even when we don’t. I think it’s the process that makes our music different more than anything else.

What can the audience expect from this upcoming song?
Another happy song that will make you groove. It’s like another song on which girls will love to dance on this wedding season because that’s what they want from us. It is a dancing number with catchy beats and easy lyrics and I believe that a lot of people would be grooving on this track in the upcoming wedding season.

You both are brothers and have work together. So, how is the equation like? As in, does this ever happens that one of you becomes dominating and all? Are there any arguments or disagreements?
See, there is a difference between arguments and fight. A fight is an argument not handled properly, which we have learned to deal with. You know arguments are most important because that’s when something really productive comes out when two people agree to disagree. Mostly, this is what happens if you don’t agree to disagree, you end up in a fight so you have to learn how to not be defensive about things being huge, which are not looking good to others. So, we have learned this over a period of time and we communicate about it. In any relationship, the problems starts only with two things one is when you don’t have a relationship where you can communicate tiny sort of things that bother you and when you keep it to yourself. The other problem is when you don’t know how to convey something that you are not agreeing with or you don’t like mostly you tend to put it in a very arrogant, rude manner or with anger, so you know other person doesn’t receive it well. So with time, we have worked on that we have learned how to express without really sounding angry or agitated and we have learned to receive that with a smile that changes everything in a relationship.

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