It’s Hard to think about a love life.

Sanam Band talking about their videos, their idea behind revamping old songs and more.

Sanam band has created a mark of their own and popularly known as ‘India’s fabulous four’ are leading the chart busters at the moment. While singing is their passion since childhood , a sneak peak on how they got through, their love life, friendship and more…

How does it feels like to top the chart busters?
Samar Puri: We are really lucky and honoured to have so many wonderful people following us on a video sharing site and other social media. When we were growing up, the accepted truth was that, to make it in the Music industry, you need to either work under the Bollywood film industry or you need to be signed to a big music label. Those were the only options. However, in this digital age, things are different. Many of the biggest artists in the world today were discovered through social media by uploading simple videos made in the comfort of their own homes. Money, contacts and influence are not important factors. If your product is good and if people like it, you will find your video spreading on its own. This is what inspires us the most!

Keshav Dhanraj: Out of billions of videos being uploaded, it is really overwhelming to know that more than 2 million people have subscribed to our channel and enjoy listening to the music we put out. While we are the first Music Artist in India to cross a Million Subscribers on a video sharing site, we see it as the start. We are hoping to see many more talented independent artists come up in India really soon!

We started our own video channel when our manager, Ben Thomas suggested we upload a few videos online so he could showcase our work to the industry. In that process we learnt a lot by doing everything on our own. This gave us the confidence to continue to put out more music that we wanted to share with the rest of the world!

What gave you the idea to revamp the old songs?
Venky S: No one member in particular. It was a collective inclination. It’s usually a learning process when we work on a rendition of an existing composition. We’ve come across pristine melodies, impeccable songwriting and lush arrangements in some of the classics – we try to not mess it up when we do our version of it.

Brothers normally have arguments and fights with each others on silly stupid topics does it happens between you two brothers Samar and Sanam as well?
Sanam Puri: Not at all…In fact it feels awesome to be in a band along with my brother. It’s like dream come true for the both of us.

Girls go crazy listening and watching your songs is there any special girl in your life you would write a song for?
Samar Puri: It’s quite hard to think about a love life when work keeps you busy all the time. But we’re all lovable people. And we aren’t shy to express our love. And yes, we all have experienced love and heart breaks. And yes (with a shy smile) I wrote the song ‘Teri Aankhon Se’ for my ex.

You guys are called as fantastic four what kind of bond and trust do you all share?
Venky S: It’s like old friends. I know Samar and Sanam from Muscat and Keshav from Chennai. So we’re like brothers. We’re like family.

Being kids you use to write songs would you like to share some of those songs which you wrote at that point of time in life?
Samar Puri: Growing up as kids, I and Sanam wrote, composed and recorded a lot of songs together. For Example ‘Agar tum suno’ was written about 11 years ago. Over time you may see us releasing more of them.

You keep posting videos on social media about the fun time together what’s the best part of the gala time you guys spend together?
Keshav Dhanraj: We spend all our time together, making music, playing video games, travelling/exploring new places. We are all foodies so we keep trying out new cuisines and local food of different countries while on tour. So every moment spent together is special for us all.

With your songs you bring the three generations together how does it feels like about it?
Venky S: Oh, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s very important to spend time with family and since everyone is on their cellphones these days, it’s encouraging to hear that families can get together and watch our videos on wireless devices or any device with video sharing sites.

You perform in various languages how difficult or adventurous it is to learn new languages and perform in those languages?
Sanam Puri: Music doesn’t know any language. It’s tricky to get the pronoun citations and accent right, but apart from that the process is the same.

You guys travel so much for shows would you like to give any travelling tips?
Keshav Dhanraj: Our videos have been viewed in almost every country in the world! We didn’t expect our music to reach out to so many countries. We have had some really memorable experiences in our concerts abroad. Music has taken us to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. I am not just talking about beauty in a scenic sense, but also in terms of the people’s personalities! The love, support and hospitality we get from our fans across the globe is proof enough of the kind beautiful hearts that exist around the world! We always look forward to performing live!

Travelling to a new place is invigorating but the tight schedules of concert tours make it very taxing with the juggling between press interactions, tech rehearsals, fan engagements and shoots.. Few tips we believe in….dress comfortably yet smartly because you can find paparazzi in the most unexpected places, one storage accessory that suits your style to keep passport, local currency, credit card and basic medical kit, charger adapter and energy bars. Plus active data roaming is a must.

Any upcoming plans?
Venky S: We take it as the day comes and work hard on each day. We constantly work on our music. Like Prince(R.I.P) had his vault – I hope we get there someday. A vault of music seems like the coolest thing in the world.

Sanam Puri: There’s gonna be new video releases every month . We are doing all kinds of songs and currently working on it.

Any message, Advice or anything special would you like to say to your Fans?
Samar Puri: We love our fans. They make great sketches, collages, say the sweetest things. We just like to have fun and do what we like doing. Our fans seem to get our sense of humour as well (#Sanamisms).

Keshav Dhanraj: Spread smiles, happiness, and do your part in making this world a better place.

-Harsha Wadhwani

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