Raabta wins plagiarism case; makers cry foul

After Court dismisses case and clears the way for the release of Sushant Singh Rajput-Kriti Sanon starrer Raabta, makers cry foul

Was there indeed a conspiracy to prevent the release of the Sushant Singh-Kriti Sanon starrer Raabta as is being speculated in the trade? According to sources, there is more than meets the eye in the last-minute case that was slapped by the makers of Magadheera, who served a legal notice to the Raabta makers citing plagiarism. While the court dismissed the case yesterday on June 8, after Magadheera producer, Allu Arjun, withdrew his complaint, thereby paving the way for the scheduled release of Raabta, the speculation doing the rounds was that it was ‘much ado about nothing’ apparently to stall the release of Raabta.

According to sources close to the producers of Raabta, soon after they received a legal notice claiming that the story of Raabta was plagiarised, the makers asked Allu Arvind to watch the film and check it out for himself. “They requested him to watch the rough-cut of the film and compare it with Magadheera whether the film was indeed replicated but he was not open to the idea,” a source claimed. Not willing to give up, the Magadheera makers even offered to deposit compensation in court if the court took a decision that their film was indeed an attempt at plagiarism. However, Allu Arvind did not entertain this plea, this source revealed.

Apparently, one of the reasons that compelled Alllu Arjun to persist with the legal proceedings was the fact that he had sold the rights of Magadheera to be made in Hindi. “When he learnt that Raabta was also about reincarnation and unrequited love, he felt that it would affect the prospects of his remake considering it was in the same genre of reincarnation,” this source said.

Allu Arjun was unavailable for comment. According to producer Dinesh Vijan, who makes his directorial debut with Raabta, “A day ago our lawyers put forth the argument about how there were no similarities between the two films and yesterday morning they withdrew the case. Obviously, during the last week before release, we would have liked to focus on marketing and releasing the film and not on this issue. There was undue pressure,” he said.

Vijan also added that he had expected co-operation from the other side. “I had offered to show the film earlier and I think as an industry it is important to be amicable and co-operative with each other but that did not happen,” he added. He stated that he had all along maintained that there was no similarity whatsoever between the two films. “Magadheer is no doubt a blockbuster down south but apart from the fact that the story is about reincarnation, but there is nothing common between the two. It is like talking about two films which tell a love story between three people, which are entirely different in their story, execution, characterization and other aspects. In my film, we are discussing the concept of unrequited love,” he said.

-Manishaa R

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