Aiming for an all round development!

With the Mumbai University introducing two new courses, we give you a detail rundown of its significance and feasibility

Mumbai University, in collaboration with a private company, has introduced two innovative industry-oriented courses in ‘Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations’ and Masters in ‘Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching’.

About the courses:
absEmotional intelligence, the appraisal and expression of emotion, the use of emotion to enhance cognitive processes and decision making, knowledge about emotions, and management of emotions. Development of collective goals and objectives, instilling in others an appreciation of the importance of work activities, generating and maintaining enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, co-operation, and trust, encouraging flexibility in decision making and change, and establishing and maintain a meaningful identity for an organisation which plays a key role in the competitive world which many take it lightly.

Life coaching can be challenging and hard work, though also rewarding and fun. You will be looking at yourself honestly and challenging yourself to push yourself beyond your comfort zones. Life coaching will enhance your personal development and assist you in taking the various areas of your life to the next level.

Human relations in the workplace are a major part of what makes a business work. Employees must frequently work together on projects, communicate ideas and provide motivation to get things done. Without a stable and inviting workplace culture, difficult challenges can arise both in the logistics of managing employees and in the bottom line. Businesses with engaging workplaces and a well-trained workforce are more likely to retain and attract qualified employees, foster loyalty with customers and more quickly adapt to meet the needs of a changing marketplace which this course will help you adapt.abs

How will the course help me?
‘Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations’ or masters in ‘Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching’ will help in the all-round development of students, enhancing their employability and overall competence with professionalism, entrepreneurship, business acumen, decision making skills, communication skills to emotional intelligence, behavioral intelligence and Neuro Linguistic processes. It also boosts the probability of being employable and having an upper hand against others in various industry sectors like manufacturing, IT, retail, consultancy, hospitality, banking and education in the areas of human resources, marketing sales, operations, product management, corporate strategy and corporate communication.

Building potential professionalism too, it’s another concern of the industry, which is firmly eradicated through these two courses.

How to go about it?
Each course is a two-year full time course comprising of four semesters and any graduate is eligible to apply for this course. This course will highlight more on modern course of global standards with syllabus benchmarked with the best of international universities, covering latest industry topics and case studies. Furthermore, it engages young pursuers into practical and project work to embark them upon a journey guaranteed exposure and total assurance of excellence.

Fees of the course: 5.6 Lakh for four semesters (2-years)
What one can conclude from this initiative of the Mumbai University is that opportunities come but once in a lifetime, and this could be life changing for many burgeoning students.

Students speak:
Allwyn Sequeira (Tolani college of Commerce)
I am currently in TY BCOM. The courses introduced by the university are really good and different than the common courses. I will surely think about opting for these courses once done with my graduation.

Pranali Dhotre (Bhavans College)
I will surely like to opt for ‘Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations’. I think it’s a very good way by which we can come to know of different perspectives of people on human relations and emotional intelligence.

Meherzin Balsara (Tolani college of Commerce)
I liked the courses and would definitely want to opt for it but the fees are not affordable for me.

-Saheb Singh Kohli

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