Kabir Khan: My web-series will be bigger than my films

Kabir Khan on his upcoming Indo-Chinese project, exploring the web world and more

-Kinnari Shailendra Singh

Filmmakers usually shy away from making films with political background owing to its obvious implications. But we have one director today who has not only been exploring India’s relationship with different countries but has also been very successful at doing that. He is none other than Kabir Khan.

Right from Bajrangi Bhaijaan to Tubelight he has been exploring love-hate relationship between different countries. And now the filmmaker is all set to explore a human interest story but this time he makes his debut in the digital world through web-series.

Shedding some more light as to why he chose to be a part of the web world, Kabir said, “We say its web but what we don’t realise ultimately is that it’s all about content. Our films are also more consumed on web, unfortunately through piracy. For me, it’s ultimately creating content. I feel the subject I had in my hand, the story about Azad Hind Fauj, it would better sell as mini-series than as a film, though it’s truly an international story.”

The filmmaker further added, “When it comes to web-series you are more flexible in terms of storytelling. The casting for the web-series will be commenced after Tubelight is released. Web-series are bigger than our films. The problem is in this country we still don’t know what web-series are. We think that’s something between television and films. They are far bigger than films. My series, whenever I end up doing it, it will be far bigger than two of my bigger films put together in terms of scale and budget. It might be even with a newcomer, you don’t need a bigger star for it, that’s the plus point.”

Kabir, who is also soon going to make his debut in the Chinese film industry, talked about the collaboration. “That’s a different project. If that project happens, it will be the first Indo-Chinese collaboration. It will be a co-production between India and China. So that will not be quota system that will be a Chinese film. But it will take time, as there are lot of things which still needs to fall in place.”

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