Onion mess: Farmers block road in Indore

The unrest among farmers due to delay in sale of their produce, especially onions in the various Mandis of the state continues unabated.

-Team Absolute|Bhopal

On Saturday, angry farmers in Indore blocked the busy Laxmiganj Mandi chouraha protesting against the apathetic attitude of the Mandi officials and the fact that they have to wait for days to get their onions weighed and sold.

The traders said that most of them have been waiting in queues for average three to four days and as rainfall has already started they are apprehensive that the onions would be damaged. They are also worried that they are wasting important time and weather suitable for Kharif sowing.

Some farmers said that they had been assured by the officials that the weighing and purchasing would start by 8.00am on Saturday, but it did not start even by afternoon. They therefore put up the trolleys full of onions on the road to block the traffic.

During last few days, railway tracks and roads have been blocked in various districts mainly Hoshangabad, Satna, Rajgarh and Jhabua, to protest delay in crop procurement.

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