Katrina: Ranbir is my best friend

Katrina Kaif speaks about riding high on hopes with her upcoming film and her friendship with her ex-flame

-Kinnari Shailendra Singh

Katrina Kaif has had her share of both successes and failures. After the debacle of her last two films, she is back with her upcoming film Jagga Jasoos with her ex-flame Ranbir Kapoor.

Speaking about how confident she is about the film, she said, “As an actor, I just care about the process and not the outcome as that is definitely not in my hand. The process of Jagga Jasoos has actually been the most enjoyable one. Every day when I was on the set, I used to feel like I am creating something. As an actor, filming Jagga Jasoos was a new and interesting process. This is the kind of film that I have never done before. So yes, I don’t know the fate of film but I really enjoyed the process of shooting the film.”

There were reports stating that the actress wanted some kind of credit in the film. When asked if she got one by the director, she added, “I did asked Anurag dada to mention me in the film’s credit. The film has taken so much time it’s a big part of my life. So I think it will be nice to get a credit in the film but I haven’t received any confirmation as yet.”

Apart from acting, Ranbir is also producing the film. On being questioned whether Ranbir is a good producer or a friend, Katrina said, “Ranbir is the producer of the film just for the sake of it. Even he admits that he has done nothing for Jagga Jasoos as a producer. Also, off late lot of rumours are coming along regarding the fun banter which I am having with Ranbir during the promotions of Jagga Jasoos. People are having wrong notions that we are fighting and not cordial with each other which is not true. In fact, we are having fun together during the promotions. So I don’t know about the producer in him but when it comes to friendship, he is my best friend! “

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