Hemsworth felt intimidated by Blanchett

Chris Hemsworth finds Cate Blanchett very intimidating while filming Thor: Ragnarok

Actor Chris Hemsworth found actress Cate Blanchett very intimidating while filming Thor: Ragnarok.

The 33-year-old actor says Blanchett is “one of his favourite people on the planet” but he was a little nervous working with her at first, reports a news media.

“It was wildly intimidating but she is one of my favourite people on the planet. It’s nice to meet your heroes and be as good as you’d hoped,” Hemsworth said.

“She’s just incredibly wonderful and generous and fun and that was one of the best experiences. She has the same sort of attitude that I like to think I follow, which is just to kind of turn up, do the work, have fun, treat everyone with respect, get on with it.

“There’s no sort of garbage with it. With someone at that level you’d sometimes expect it to come with problems – but, no, she’s just fantastic. It’s the Australian way,” he added.

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