Tropical print for monsoon!

Light up the dull monsson with some exotic tropical prints

Suchismita Mohanta

Well, how many of us have tried tropical prints in monsoons? Most of us ladies would believe that this print is for summer, the exotic print and colour brings out the chill effect on the wearer, as well as on people who sees us. To balance the effect sun cause on us, designers came up with the tropical prints to make us feel good, even in the parched season! Well, tropical prints are basically an exotic combination of colours and prints, the prints involves flora and fauna, beaches, forest, island, gardens and what not! However the ground rules should always be followed while wearing tropical for monsoons!

Ladies, by now we all must have already heard about the fashion tips and hacks for monsoon. Everyone is so far must be ready with their ‘monsoon guard on’ for the wet season, mastering every hack they have been bombarded with through every possible way. We all are on our safe sides, and are probably ready for every possible disaster that might fall on our way out in the rain! Well, have said that how many of us want to go beyond our safe sides? How many of us want to make our way out in the rain with different fashion that possibly isn’t in mainstream practice by most of the women! So be ready girls to explore that have never been explored. Be brave enough to accept fashion that might not be practiced by others, instead feel comfortable in your own fashion quest. After all fashion is what we show, not what we follow! One of such non-conventional non-monsoon fashion is probably tropical prints for rain.

1. Unlike summer dresses, try to choose a length that falls on your knees or just above that above it. This will make sure you won’t just spoil your dress in the rain! Try to balance your look by adding minimal print with basic overalls. Opt for the overall prints, only when you are confident to do so!

2. Instead of choosing bold coloured cigarette pants, go for the tropical printed ones. The cigarette pants are perfect for the casual as well as formal parties. Also, these pants works in unison with monsoon, as high ankle pants are really in for the season. Pair it with a solid coloured top or shirt.

3. What’s the most dreaded thing in monsoon? Damp clothes! Also, wearing anything below the knees in this season is such a disaster. So here come the need for the day that will not only help you protect your clothes from getting wet or but will dry in no time, if chanced upon in rain. Tee shirts came to rescue! Tropical print tees should be paired with cotton and linen shorts or cotton chinos.

4. For tropical print rompers, if getting them is too low-key for your style, you can break the monotony by adding a solid, contrasting coloured shrug or waist coat that will only accentuate your taste in fashion, along with being utterly fun to be in it!

5. Last but not the least, tropical printed or non-tropical heavy fabrics can put you in trouble in the season, so just avoid it. Wear cotton and linen fabric. You can always opt for chiffon or georgette as they soak the sweat and water and are very light to carry.

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