Independence from Dependence!

Does freedom mean the same thing to a woman as it does to a man

-Shahnaz Husain

For all of us, Independence Day is the symbol of freedom. Every year, I am filled with a sense of pride, to see the Indian national flag flying high on Independence Day. To think that I am a citizen of a free country means everything to me. Freedom may mean different things to different people, but to me it means being free to make choices and take decisions about one’s own future. But freedom does not come without duties and responsibilities. It is with the same deep sense of pride in my country that I have represented India and promoted our herbal heritage worldwide. I always believed that India has so much to offer the rest of the world, so much so, that promoting India became my mission in life.

On this Independence day, I would like to emphasize the importance of woman empowerment and skill development. Does freedom mean the same thing to a woman as it does to a man? Is every Indian woman “free” in the real sense of the word? I believe that to be really free, the woman should be an equal partner with man in all aspects of life and in society. She should acquire financial independence, which is an important aspect for self reliance and freedom. I have encouraged many women to take up a beauty course and start beauty clinics in their own homes, so that they can take care of their home and family too. This has given them financial independence, confidence and strength. The woman has to realize her own potential and strength as an equal member of the society. Women must play a role in all aspects of life.

To be financially independent, education and skill development are absolutely imperative. In the metro cities and urban areas, the status of women has improved, because women are now found in every sphere of the career world. To bring about changes, women have to get basic education and vocational training. Prime Minister Modi has emphasized the need for skill development, so that both men and women can be equipped to be eligible for job opportunities.

Skill Development should be according to current needs and demands of the market. We have contributed to skill development as part of our CSR activities. We have joined hands with the Indus Group to implement Government skill development projects in Beauty & Wellness by training and certifying under-privileged women. Over 40,000 beneficiaries have been trained and certified till now by the Shahnaz Husain Beauty Training Academy. When each and every Indian is skilled enough to earn a living, we can achieve real Independence. So, on this Independence Day, we should take a pledge to keep the spirit of freedom alive.

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