A food box office!

Here we have for you a restaurant that provides you with a new street food menu every week


It’s a very common human mentality that people get bored quiet easily; may it be their monotonous life or the food they consume. People are always longing for more, seeking something new and improved than before. Thus it is truly said that variety is the spice of life and so to spice up your life you can definitely indulge into the delicious cuisines offered at his new food joint where they provide a totally different set of dishes every week scheduled just for you! WORLD STREAT FOOD DELICATESSEN AND TAPROOM presents World’s first ever box office of food. Every theme they project, the vastness of varieties they make available for you is commendable.

Also you have the option to choose the general hotel menu of you don’t like the theme that they provide you with. Some of the dishes that we came across and would like to suggest are Shanghai’s Xialong Dumpling Soupwhich will totally refresh your mind with its spicy yet light flavor. It’s not very heavy and extremely different and the best part is the topping that the dumplingscontain.

TamatarDhaniyaKaShorbathis soup is another option that you can have it is very common but perfectly cooked. New York Veggie works These fries are extremely delicious that give you a total international flavor.Sichuan Style Baked corn in wan on cups These starters are one of the cutest dishes that you can ever have. Lotus root and waterchestmet dumpling These dumplings are beautifully served to have in a basket which keeps it extremely warm. Buffalo Mac and cheese Paneer is pasta that you can go for and you should definitely try it out. Also Hawaii in a glass and Four seasons are two delicious mocktails that you can try out.

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